Thursday, December 10, 2009

Am I ever glad that I have 4 legs

We have Snow, Snow and more Snow~~bout 8 inches in all. Snow is always very pretty and I love to run in it, and kick my pawheels up in it and make that ole snow fly!! I always hate to come inside, mom has to come and drag me in Ha Ha. Mom is not as fast as some of you guys's moms~~She cant get me running so here I am just snoopin and sniffin...But...this snow is a bit different. While it is still pretty, this snow storm makes me glad that I have 4 legs. Mom let me out this morning and I wasnt out very long and when she let me in, I could hardly jump over the step to get in. I was standin.. on 3 legs and wanted to stand on 2 legs. Mom was gonna pick me up when I did make it over the step and I limped and hobbled up the stairs, now I know what "some" old people feel like, and I wont name any names!!! Mom xplained to me about windchill temps and it was like around -15 YIKES!! no wonder I was freezing. Once I warmed up the pawsies, I was able to run and play again.

Now I am a smart dog and I know that today is NOT the day to play outside. Instead, I just went to my comfy loveseat and will watch the world go on from there. Here is the view from "my" spot!! pretty nice huh? And....believe is much warmer right here. The temp is 5 right now. Those pesty squirrels can do without me today!!! Maybe Mom will make me some nice.. Hot Chocolate if I give a real cutsie loving look!! I will let you guys all know if it works or not ok?


  1. LOVE looking at your snow pics. Butt about that hot CHOCOLATE THINGY... It's not gonna happen sweetie. These two leggers save ALL the best stuff for themselves. Mom keeps saying Chocolate is is "very much bad for you Frankie". Yeah, right. If Iwas just taller and had Thumbs...
    Well, some plain warm milk is good too, Jazzi. OR... you could put in an EMERGENCY call to Uncle Ed. I'll bet he would give you hot chocolate. He's my kinda guy.

  2. Welcome to our world Miss Jazzi!! Your snow is very pretty and we love your perch! Maybe a moose will wander by!!! We agree, the chocolate drink would not be good for you, sweetie! One of our favorite drinkies is Carrot Juice!! Oh we just love when our mom gives us some Carrot Juice!!! Love, Toby, Ginger & Jeter xoxo

  3. I like the look of that tree!

    I bet I khould be pretty khomfy there!


  4. Hi Jazzi!

    If you ask your mom to put a little vegetable shortening or spray something like Pam on the pads of your paws it will help keep the snow from sticking between your toes and it insulates your feet a little too, oh and it won't hurt you if you lick it off.

    We do it all the time for Sadie and it works pretty well.

  5. You mean the squirrels are still out in this weather? Are you sure they are real squirrels?

  6. Oh you almost became a pupsicle. You poor thing. Glad you got inside and warmed up.


  7. Hi Snazzi,

    You be extra careful out there in that snow - Our Mom thinks its a good idea to put some shortening our the paws, but we doubt we will ever allow that to happen - we'd rather freeze!! But do our skirts ever get full of snowballs when we walk in the snow - do you have a coat - that helps keep the snow out too.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  8. You have a really nice view from your spot Jazzi, best to stay inside when it's that cold but all that snow is really pretty !
    Love, Bella

  9. We're in the deep freeze here too!! So windy too... Can't tell which snowflakes are falling and which are just blowing around!! I agree with the others - it's pretty to look at, but we the feetsies start freezing, it's better to watch it all from inside!!

    Arctic Snorts-
    Brutus the Frenchie

  10. Hi, Jazzi!
    Sure you have a pawesome spot inside your house to keep an eye on everything outside!
    -15 sounds too cold for me!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. We love your snow pictures Jazzi. You be careful so you don't sink. It sure sounds cold over there. We are freezing and its 43
    Stay warm,
    Benny & Lily

  12. We are going to 32 degrees tonight.. That is cold enough for us. Bambi has never seen snow in person!! She wouldn't know what it was!
    Thanks for sharing your snow pictures with us.
    Bambi sends you sniffs,
    Animal lover, sends you lots & lots of love.

  13. Yep, the squirrels are for real, they must be lazy ones that didnt get with the program earlier. I was barking at them just today as a matter of fact.


  14. Hey Jazzi, we love the view from "your spot" and how you played in the snow. How we wish we could join you!!

  15. Ouchie! We are not looking forward to being back in the upper midwest

  16. Mama and I are really enjoying living the cold snow through all our friends! It is cold for Texas lately...not getting above 50 degrees...I can't imagine it being -15 with the chilly wind BRRRRRRRR!!