Thursday, December 17, 2009

If.......there is music.... then I say, "Lets Dance!!!"

Tonight, Mom, Kim and the 2 munchkins left for Kyla's dance recital. I am always trying to go where they go but Mom said Nope!! so I got left at home again!! They said it was very cute program and that she did a good job and Mom showed me the pictures from the flashy box: Since I couldn't go, Mom had Kyla show me some of her dance moves, well, ok I can sit through this with no problem......and I sat and watched her. It was very interesting and I barked when she was done. Ok, nice Kyla....Now, I can go and lay down and go back to sleep on my loveseat.Then Mom came up with the bright idea~~~Hey Kyla, maybe you could dance with Jazzi and teach her a few of your dance moves~~~BAD idea!!!! bad idea Mom!!!! Moms get all these ideas at?? Seriously!!!
Do they read a Bad Idea Book??
Is she trying to torture me??
Do you think I had a choice in this idea??
Yep, you're right, NO choice at all~~Before I knew it Kyla took ahold of my paws and we were up and trying to dance. I was kinda nervous at first, I mean I hadn't done anything like this before. I tried to nibble at her hands but Mom put a kabosh on that trick real fast!!! I knew if I kept nibblin, I would get that Annntttt.. and pointy finger and maybe a snappy finger like Bonnie does!!!
She kept working with me and it turned out to be not as bad as I guys, How do I look?? Then Mom said, Oh maybe Jazzi can try it by herself!! Nother BAD idea Mom!! Geeezzz.....Like I sadly admitted on bath day, I can be bought off to do anything and a piece of summer sausage did the trick. I was dancin.....and a twirlin....and it was kinda fun, to let my hair hang and go wild!!
Kyla also showed me her rose that Kim gave her and I sniffed that baby out. What girl doesn't like the smell of fresh roses???? It Good!!!! I couldn't stop smellin..... that rose.
Now.....I am ready for another dance. So....Tango here I come!!! TaDa!


  1. Jazzi, you did great! You have given me a new idea for a TV format. Strictly Come Dancing with Dogs! (Maybe someone can think of a snappier title). Do you think it'll take off?
    And isn't little Kyla a cutie!
    Cheers! Hamish.

  2. You'll make such a pawsome dancer

    ~ Bae

  3. Great moves!! I always dance for my dinner, usually just a few little bouncy moves, unless its chicken when I go all out and bust the 'big' moves!!
    I too, can be bribed like you ....
    Cheers, Patsy, your new friend!

  4. Snazzi,

    You always bring a smile to our faces!! And your little bean is sure a cutie pie. Carrleigh is a ballerina and always dances for her dindin.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. That Kyla is a real beauty. She is a good dance teacher.
    Now that you have discovered that you like to dance... you should visit Riley and Star. They are dance divas... I am sure you will want some costumes like theirs. You would really look Snazzi in one.

  6. Oh my, another puppy doing tricks! Before long the tall guy will expect me to actually DO some myself!

    I really do like the picture of you with the rose! You could be on a calendar!!

  7. You are a very good dancer Jazzi...That little human is a very good teacher!!!


  8. What a fabulous dancer you are, Jazzi! You and your cute hooman pup look awesome together!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and MItch

  9. Good job dancing Jazzi. Those little peoples are hysterical
    Benny & Lily
    We got scared for a minute. We thought you stole our blanket for your header.

  10. Hi, Jazzi!
    Dancing with the Stars?? You could be the next winner!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. She is just too cute, and you holding the rose makes me smile!