Saturday, January 14, 2023

What happened to Oreo

 Hi, Its me Scooter. Some may be wondering what happened to Oreo. This is what I know. 

Last April Oreo seemed not to be paying attention to Mom. He wouldn't come inside when she called him and she had to go out and chase him around to get him to come inside which mom says was weird cuz as soon as he got outside he wanted back in. After a couple weeks, by then it was May and then she noticed that he wasn't following her around and then she discovered that he had lost his hearing. She tested it and yep, he couldn't hear her so he wasn't just ignoring her!! 

For  the next couple weeks he just wasn't himself. He didn't play with any balls, or bubbles or water and those that knew Oreo knew that those were his most favorite things. He just slept. Mom thought maybe he was depressed because he couldn't figure out why he couldn't hear and she tried to play with him but he wasn't having any one it. She said it was so sad to see.

Then he stopped eating and doing his bathroom stuff. She took him to the Doc and his blood numbers were perfect  so the Doc thought that he had some infection and wanted her to try some meds for a week. Mom said she knew what needed to be done cuz she couldn't see it in his eyes, but she agreed to try the meds for a week.

A week later and he was no better just getting worse. He had lost about 5 lbs when they went back to the doc. Mom was in the room with him on one side and the Doc went to get something. She came back and asked what was wrong with his eye? Mom walked around to that side and it was bleeding. It wasnt like that before they went to see the Doc. They both knew then that this was the time. Mom held Oreo in her arms, hugging him as the Doc gave him the shot. He went very peacefully embraced by Mom. She said it was so sad but it had to be done. So apparently he must have had a tumor in his head that made him loose his hearing and it made the blood vessel burst in his eye.

Mom said she didn't want anymore dogs. She really missed having a pet and she thought a bunny might be perfect. She still thought about it and was nervous about it but she got me!! We met at the Boone county fair one summer day in August. So by end of August, I was in my new digs. Here is the day that Me and Mom met. We both were so happy, afterall I was leaving the barn life for a city life!!

I love it here and have stuffs to tell you about my potty training and exactly where I live etc. Well save that for the next post so you all come back ya hear?? 


  1. We are so sorry to hear about Oreo, Scooter. He was a wonderful friend and we send your mom huge hugs♥ We would love hear about your potty training and exactly where you live. We'll be back.

  2. Hari OM
    Aw, thank you Scooter, for telling us about Oreo... I had the great privilege of getting to know him in the furs, y'know? A once in a lifetime trip for me and Oreo sat on my knee all the way through a long journey to meet up with other blopals. Sadly, many have moved in since those days. But you don't need to hear about all that. Now you are keeping mummy Di company and making her heart better and putting a smile on her face and for that you deserve loving and feeding and hugging!!! Now - I look forward to reading all about YOU! Hugs and foot thumps, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. It's sad to hear about the end of Oreo's life here but he is happy and romping with Jazzi and all our Blogville friends over the Rainbow Bridge. We can't wait to learn more about you and your life with your new mom.

  4. That's very sad about Oreo But I am Happy to meet you. Mummy still has the Christmas tree decorations that your mummy sent to her when She had my Predecessor Speedy. Mummy puts them on the Christmas tree in the Kitchen every year. xoxo Little Miss Titch