Monday, January 16, 2023

Potty Training

 This is my very own space. It's about 4x6. I have a kennel in the back of my area. The kennel has a door on it.  

After I got home,  mom started right away.  She put me in the kennel and shut the door.  She needed for me to find my potty spot.  You see bunnys will find a corner to potty in and that's where she put my potty bin.  My food tray is hooked to the kennel by my potty bin cuz we potty while eating. 

Anyways she kept me in my. Kennel to learn to go on the potty bin. In a few days she would move my fencing with a little space outside of the kennel like about a couple ft. As I learned to still use the potty bin then she'd increase my space little by little.  It took about 8 days and she was finally able to keep it where it's at now.
Then came the time to come out into the living room.  She gave me a small space with the fencing so that I had a path back into my area.  When I needed to go then I'd head back to my potty bin.  About a few days and I was ok to stay out in the living room/ dining rooms with supervision. Those are the 2 only rooms that I go in. 
I wanted 2 potty bins just because.  I mean I want to have choices.  So I have a little green one right outside of the door of the kennel.  That door is always kept open. I use the green one the most and the one in the kennel when I'm eating. I also have my water bowl in my kennel.  It's a pretty cool set up and I love it when she opens my gate so I can run around.
Here's slow mow of my jump. BTW that was my first jump ever at home. 

So.... now I'm all potty trained.  If I'm out and need to go, I hop right back in and sit on my green potty bin then come back out. Cool huh?


  1. Hari OM
    Very cool, Scooter - you've got it sussed! I bet mum is well-pleased with your enjoying life so much and now the dos and donts of social etiquette! Hugs and foot thumps, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We loved your fancy jump, Scooter, and we learned something new today. We never knew that bunnies pottied while they ate!

  3. You sure are having fun in your new home, Scooter. That sure was a jump of happiness we saw in your video.