Saturday, January 14, 2023

I was chosen very carefully

Mom said that before she got me that she wanted to learn more about bunnies and what she'll need to do.  She joined a couple Facebook pages and was horrified at what she saw

Bunnies were jumping out of their areas,  chewing up cords, furniture, couches, carpet. She wanted a girl but so many people were getting a girl to find out that they are having babies lol so she went with a boy. We all know that boys can't have babies. She had a list of things to check off and so she went to look. 
What she was looking for:
A boy ️️✅️️
Good with little kids ✅️️
Easy going,  ️✅️️
Good temperament✅️️
Cute and adorable ✅️️
Soft and cuddley ✅️️
Small size ✅️️
So basically i was the perfect bunny. I'm very chill and I have a good temperament so she decided to give me a whirl. 
Turns out that I don't chew any chords, furniture, etc. I just like cardboard ha!

What to name me? These were tossed around: the grandkids gave their suggestions. 
Mr Hopps
Funny thing is that Scooter wasn't even mentioned.  After she got me home,  she watched me and I kinda hop and scooted around so Scooter it was.  
We even had the family over to meet me and we have a name reveal party.  I loved being the center of attention.  Everyone loved the name Scooter and it fits me well. 


  1. Hari OM
    Good list to keep mum straight on the task... and then, when selecting, I bet her heart came into it too!!! Hugs and foot thumps, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Your name is perfect for you, Scooter, and we love your lop ears!

  3. We think your mom picked the perfect name for you, Scooter.

  4. Hey Scooter...well OMBs you are most adorable and busy. I think your name is perfect and you look very soft. thank you for the story about Oreo. He was one fine pup and I was happy to have been able to meet him.
    Hugs cecilia