Saturday, May 2, 2020

I have some sad news to share

Hi. Oreo here. We've been hunkering down at our house. Can't say that I'm disappointed that Mom can't work and is home with me all day now.
I do have some sad need to share with you.
Here is Addie on her first day at our house back in 2010. She's now 10 yrs old.
I don't get to see her as much anymore since little Myles was born and with all this stuffs going on.
Well... Addie has had a bad week this week. Mid week she was having problems and her dad took her to the doc. He found 4 masses of cancer and she may have stones in her bladder. They were waiting on some test results.
This morning her dad took her on a walk around the lake. She loves her walks. After the walk she was playing and somehow hurt her leg and she started yelping. They took her back to the doc again and she had 3 breaks in her fermur.
She was in so much pain and recovery wasn't a surety.  So they had to make the hardest decision that they hated to make. Now Addie is having tacos with Jazzi.
Addi and Jazzi always had a great relationship. She missed Jazzi so much after she passed. I'm sure there was a nice reunion with  a chase together and a tug-o-war going on

Addie with little Myles.
Well just leave you with this sweet face. 
Run free sweet Addie.
Until we meet again.