Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Christmas gift list

Hi. Sorry for the delay. Was waiting to hear from a couple doggies and Mom has been working crazy hours. Here's the list. You should be able to click on your partners name and it will go straight to their blog so that you can make contact.

Lady Shasta has Rosy
Miss Maizie has Abby
Hailey has Arty
Zaphod has Jakey
Abby has Miss Maizie
Arty has Ruby
Jakey has Lady Shasta
Rosy has Hailey
Ruby has Zaphod
P.S. For Rosy, and Ruby...they are having a Postage strike in Canada so you may have to do Amazon to insure delivery. Thanks.

Kinley westie group has Ryder, Kori and Scarlet
Millie and Walter has Winter, Sophie
Ryder, Kori and Scarlet has Millie and Walter
Winter and Sophie has Kinley Westie group


Sunday, November 11, 2018

The deadlines are coming quickly

The deadlines for the Christmas card exchange and the Christmas gift exchange is quickly approaching. If you want to be involved you must sign up and get your info sent in. Here is the Link to the Christmas Card Exchange!!

If you dont want to miss the gift exchange you also need to get signed up for them. Here is the link to the Christmas Gift exchange!!

Get signed up ASAP!!
There are only 5.....I say 5 Days left to get your information sent in. 
Dont miss out on the fun of the Hoildays!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

You know how to get my attention

 I'm the neighborhood watch
Did I hear treats?
Well.... For treats.... I'm here!!
Gimme a treat!?
P.S. check my sidebar for information for the Christmas gift exchange and the Christmas card list. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Christmas gift exchange

Are you all ready for some Christmas gifts??
I know that I am. Here's the scoop. You can join as a group or single.
A group is about 15.00-20.00. I will try to match groups pretty even.
A single is 10.00.
We want you to make sure that you can positively follow through before joining. In years past we have had some dogs not get their gifts but the last 2 years have been perfect.

In your email I will need to know if you're group or single.
Your blog address
Your email address
The names of your animals.

Send to me at
The deadline is Nov 15th and the list will be posted on my blog on Nov 17th. Once the list is out we can't add to it. So please get in before the deadline.   
Once the list is out you will be responsible for getting in contact with your partner and exchange gift ideas.

Also if anyone is willing to mail outside of the US please let me know. This is always a fun time to shop and receive Christmas gifts.

We are looking forward to another successful and fun Christmas.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Its here! Christmas card time

Its Christmas card time again. It is coming soon.
Kismet's dad is willing to do it again this year and here are the instructions.
They must be followed or you wont get on the list.
The Blogville list is going live!!
To get yourself on the list and receive the entire list by email please use the following template.
Blog Name:
Blog Url:
Email address:
Snail mail address:
Animals name, type:
For Example:
Blog Name: Kyla Scott
Blog Url:
Email Address: kyle.a.scott@gmail
Snail mail address: 44121 N 16th St
New River, Arizona 85087

Animals name and type
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)

These MUST be in by Nov 16th, He will start working in it on the 17th. There were stragglers last year and he wont make an effort to get those in that miss the deadline so DON'T forget NOV 16th!!!

Send them in an email to

The subject line is very IMPORTANT!!
Snail mail

If you don't specify then your email will get lost. You must put in the subject line how you want your cards to come to you! So remember Nov 16th is the deadline. If you don't use the template, then you will get lost.

P.S. I put a Image on my sidebar to find out information.