Friday, October 3, 2014

Now, a little bit about Me!!

Hi, I hope you all didn't mind the mystery meet. I am a mysterious kind of girl and kind of a jokester too. My name is Jazzi, ironic.... I know but never the less very true. I am part Beagle and part Collie and I think I am about 5 yrs old.

I love long walks, chewing on bones, and playing with toys. I am in the process of de-stuffing a toy today. I really like playing tug o war with the toys with the peeps and I can get my growl going on, plus I am super strong. No, I am not a prissy pink girl. I am more of a sporty carefree girl. Very opposite of the Jazzi that lived here. I am learning alot about her by all the info that she left me. I have been so busy sniffin and trying to read all of her info. I can tell you that she was some kind of wonderful dog that's for sure.

Since I am sporty, I love to have toys or balls thrown to me and I can catch them mid air. Love that air feeling!! I can run really fast and I am a great huntress and have caught a squirrel before. I rid the yard of any kind of creature that dares comes into my yard. I don't sleep in kennels, only my BIG comfy pillow bed. I LOVE carrots and they say it is a hoot to watch me eat them. HEY!! Whats so different than a peep eating them but you all know how the peeps are bout stuff like that right? I do believe that they are easily entertained.

I have NEVER had a taco before but I hear that I am here just in time for National Taco day!!! Yippee....I'm up for it. I will be having a kibble/carrot taco so I can hardly wait.  I hear that I may be into some other interesting things going on here also, so we will see if I like them or not.

Now for the BIG question that you all are probably dying to know.
Am I the new dog in the house?
Is this a forever home for me?
Where did I come from?
How did they find me?

Well......No I am not the new dog in the house.
I already have my own forever home.
I live in Rockford, Il and my mom and Jazzi's mom are friends from way back, long before my time.
Anyway my moms daughter lives in Whales and she wanted to go and visit her. I whined and whined but she said NO Jazzi, you cant go!! I didn't think it was fair at all. I could be the best traveler ever. My mom will be gone for 10 whole days so Miss Diana came and picked me up and here I am.
This is a nice family and they are treating me very well and trying to accommodate me to my needs. I am working this angle to get more treats and carrots. Hey!! I am a girl!! bol So I will be around until Oct 12th. I am sure that you will see the things that I will be doing while I'm here. From what I am hearing....I don't know if I should be excited or scared!!! So nice to meet you all and being a part of Blogville for a short time.

Sadly, I wont get the opportunity to meet the famous Addi. She is still having a hard time with loosing Jazzi, that having her come over and getting us together and me being a Jazzi, might confuse her some. She would think that I would be living here now and she would definitely  wonder how Miss Bossy pants turned into me!!  Plus the next time she would be over, I wouldn't be here and then she would be sad all over again. So I get to put the plug in since tomorrow is......Wait for it.......
National TACO DAY!!!
Hope you all have your tacos all ready to go tomorrow and a memory or favorite post of the sweet angel Jazzi. It should be a really fun day, I'm excited!!


  1. We are so glad that Miss Diana introduced you to us Jazzi, we just know you are going to have a great time visiting...We do think you should let Miss Diana just TRY a little pink on you....we are just sure you would love it!!

    Happy Smiley Day Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. well, mystery solved! We hope that you have a lovely visit here in Blogville - we know that Angel Jazzi's mom will take great care of you!

    Edgar and his mum

  3. well that is good to know....we are still happy to meet you though :)

  4. You sound like one fun girl, Jazzi, and the best part is that you're in time to have your very first taco! How cool is that!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. I loves it!!! Nice to finally gets your story Jazzi!!! I am so thrilled you're gonna be able to join all of us and Angel Jazzi for TACO DAY!!!!! WoooHooo!!! You are gonna LOVES it!
    Oh, and I'm not really a gurly-gurl either Jazzi, so I thinks you and I would gets along just fine!! I gots me a tree rat once too!! You are my kind of gurl! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  6. Well hello there mystery put it is nice to meet you again. You sound like a real hoot! We have a feeling Ms. D new pup will be a Scottie. Have fun eating carrots and tacos
    Lily & Edward

  7. Well I'm very pleased to meet you and even if you are only visiting I hope you have a lovely stay and can't wait to join you with the tacos
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Pleased to meet you! I think you will have a great time while you are here
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  9. Well it is very nice to meet you! Taco day is the BEST!

  10. It's Taco Day, here! We're ready. We know you'll have a great time in that house. You'll have to have an EXTRA taco for scottie Jazzi. Too bad you can't meet Dogzilla.

  11. We know you are having a great time at Jazzi's house, Jazzi...geeze our head is a spinning.
    stella rose

  12. We are glad you are having a good time at that All Jazzi Resort and Hotel . . . oops, we mean at Miss Diana's. It will be fun in Blogville while you are on vacay . . . . oops, we mean being puppy sat by Miss Diana.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. HI Jazzi 2... WE are so glad that you came to VISIT with Miss Diana... she had been feeling lonely and having you there will help her a LOT... PLUS you get to stay in a SUPER place... and Have TACO Day with US...
    PeeS.... WE love Carrots TOO... we get two or three every evening. LOVE that CRUNCH.

  14. Glad you came by, sos you get to enjoy Jazzi's Taco Day, to bad you aren't staying, bet you are one party girl!

    The Mad Scots

  15. Nice to meet ya Jazzi! Enjoy Taco Day!

  16. You are just going to LOVE National Taco Day! Have fun on your "va-k-shun"!


  17. I guess living in Whales is better than living in Dolphins. Is her last name Jonah?

  18. Crikey Jazzi ..... glad that all got sorted. I was really wonderin' about you. It's still VERY nice to meet you. Fancy you being called Jazzi too. You sure sound like a fun sheila AND you like to run. I love to run!! Hope you enjoy your stay with Miss Diana. I'm sure you will. Looks to me as if you are getting spoiled, big time, aye??

  19. Hey Jazzi, thank so much for telling us all about yourself. Wow I wish I could go and stay at (Angel) Jazzi's house when Gail goes on holidays. SO much better than kennels…
    Toodle pip!

  20. It's so nice to meet you, Jazzi! I bet you are having a great dog-cation! Ms. Diana sure knows how to treat pups right. Enjoy your taco!

  21. Jazzi glad you are visiting and adding some sunshine to Angel Jazzi's family :) Hope you enjoy your stay!