Friday, October 31, 2014

Addi and Bertie's Halloween

Bertie, how are we going to get over this wall?
Well, Addi, you know me being a terrier, I am a pretty good jumper.
Yah, but that does me no good Bertie. Did you ever notice my size?? I got it Bertie....Lets just put this tank to good use and blast right through that wall. No wall is too tough for the Bert-meister right?? 
Ok. hang on Addi, here we go!!!
BAM....CRUNCH....You did it. WTG Bertie...I knew that you could!!!
Once inside that big castle, we had to find ole Jake so we can scare the bejeebies outta him!!
Addi...lets go down this follow me alright??
I'm right beside ya Bertie. I'm hanging on with one paw Bertie!!
We found the door to Jake's room and opened find.....a table set for a party and Jake sitting there on a bench all by himself. Not at all what we expected.
Whats going on here Jake? Looks like you are having a Howl-O-ween party here. He said I am. I invited a bunch of old dog buddies but...not one of them showed up. Bertie and I both looked at each other. We knew why no doggie showed up do you tell Jake that?
Bertie said Jake, you remember that incident when you bit me? He said Yah.
I said Well, Jake that wasn't very nice to do that to Bertie cuz it really hurt him and he had to go to the Dogter and have medicine and stuffs like that. Do you do that to other dogs Jake? Well, not to many. He said he likes to bully some dogs around and that he might not be the nicest sometimes. Bertie and I each said together....Maybe you need to be nicer.
If you want friends then you cant be mean or pushy or bully them because they don't like that very much. We all talked some more and Jake said he was sorry to Bertie and that he would try and be nicer to other dogs from now on. Bertie and I were very happy about this and we would rather be friends with Jake. We said we were sorry about wanting to scare you Jake.
We said Hey Jake!! We are going to a Howl-O-ween party at our friend Dory's house. Would you like to come along? She won't mind a bit and then you can meet a bunch of new friends.
Jake said Yes, so we headed to the tank and on our way to Dory's party.
 Fire it up Bertie and lets roll!!
Get ready Dory because the BIG Ole Green tank is on its way to your place. C-ya all at the party!!


  1. Wow, that's an adventure fur sure! OMD I love that tank. Anything that goes KAABLLLAAMMMMMO is fun in my book. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  2. Crikey .... I sure hope that Jake has learnt his lesson. It was very brave of you, Bertie, to face up to him like that. I did notice you took Dear Addi (the great white shark) with you. AND I did notice that Addi was sitting between you and Jake in front of the tank. Good move!! Do you think she'd teleport herself out to me when I find the drongo and his dog. Great halloween you had, aye??