Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas Card and Christmas Gift Information!

Do you like getting 87 bazillion Christmas cards?Do you like being more popular than your Peeps?

Do you love having the mail person wonder what's going on?

Do you love to say: Just hand down the cards and no one gets hurt?

If you answered Yes, to any of these questions, then this is for you. It is The Christmas Card Exchange. Interested?? Here's the information.
You can send Christmas, Holiday and Hanukkah cards. For those of you that want to go Green, you may send E-cards also. It is just as much fun getting them online as in the mailbox. The deadline to get your name on the mailing list is Nov 8th. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Again, I can not emphasize this enough. This gives you 3 weeks to get your information sent in.  Once the list is sent out, it is a pain to keep adding names to it and it isn't fair to those that got their information in on time, so hence the deadline. The list will be E-mailed in a spreadsheet form to you on Nov. 10th. If you are sending to any overseas, then you will want to get those out right away so that they will have time to get there. It gives you 6 weeks to get your cards all mailed out. There are no rules: You can mail to everyone on the list or just to the ones you know. It is entirely up to you.

Riley's Mom Elyse, from  The adventures of a cattle dog, will be helping me and she will be making the spreadsheet and sending the list out. It will be easy to read and I think you all will love it. Elyse did it last year and did a fantastic job.

To get your name and addy on the list, you will need to sign up. The information you will need is:
1.Your blog name
2.Your blogspot addy
3.All the dogs/cats name that you want the cards addressed to.
4.Your e-mail addy for those people going green and sending e-cards.
5.Your snail mail addy for mailing
If you were on the list last year, we already have your information, we just need to know if you want to remain on the list or not. You can state that in the comment section. To those that weren't on the list last year or have moved then we will need that information. Please make sure that all your information is correct before you send it. Send the information to me at Dcraftsalot(at)yahoo(dot)com

I Pawmise you that you WILL get 87 more cards than your peeps and they will be scratching their heads!! They will be telling all their friends about your Christmas cards and they will wish that they could be so popular!!  Have fun and Happy Mailing!!
Now....for the Christmas Gift Exchange
I know it seems like awhile off but it will be here before we know it so we need to start dreaming about Santa Paws:
This will be our 6th annual Christmas gift exchange. If you would like to join in, there are  a few things that you need to know.  There are 2 ways to join, by Singles and Groups:
GROUPS~~Usually if you have more than 2-3 dogs, they do a group and you will be assigned another group of dogs. You buy your group a bunch of gifts for that group to share and the group that has your name would buy your dogs a bunch of toys to share.
SINGLES~~are of course single dogs. If you have 2 dogs, you could be a group or you could go single, it just depends on how many gifts you want to buy. If 2 dogs go single, then they would buy 2 gifts and receive 2 gifts.
~~For the overseas doggies, we match them up with other doggies close by in the same area, so that you are not shipping to the US to save $$,

The deadline to sign up is Nov 8th. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!! no ands, ifs or buts about it. Once the names are out, it is very hard to add you in. So remember Nov 8th, mark your calendars.
You can sign-up from now until Nov 8th by just letting me know in the comments that you want to join and whether you are singles or a group. Dorys mama will be helping me with the group section. The names and partners will be posted on Nov. 10th. Once the names are posted, you get in contact with your name and get their mailing addresses and any information about what the dogs/cat likes and doesn't like.

For in the US, We would like to have all the packages mailed by Dec 18th so that your package has time to get to its partner.  For those that live out of the US, you will NEED to send early depending on how your mail is and how close your partner is to you so keep that in  mind ok? You can also find out from your partner about how long their mail takes to get to them.

The cost for a single is $10.00 and for a group is from $15.00 -$20.00. But.....remember...ONLY sign up if you really WANT to do this and CAN follow through. I can not emphasize this enough!! We have had a few in the past yrs where a dog didn't get a gift because their name didn't follow through and that isn't fair to the partner and is no fun for me!! I kinda go well....lets say....spastic!!
and I don't like to go spastic!! Last year, it was so super smooth, no problems and everyone got their gifts and I was really pleased about that.
We are looking forward to a fun Christmas exchange. When you get your gift, it is up to you whether you want to open it then or wait until Christmas. We do want you to get pictures and do a post about it so we can all share in you opening your gift. your comments or e-mail, please indicate Card exchange or Gift exchange or both so that I get you in the right one. If you are doing the gift...please tell me is single or a group. If you send an e-mail with just your address info, I'm going to assume Card exchange only. Thanks, it just really helps me 87 tons!!


  1. Were in.
    This year one very special card to you and to Elyse for all your hard work coming your way. Thank you Diana xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh, forgot, ah, how could I... one mutt please for Christmas card and list from the U.K. xxxxxxxxx

  3. FURST and MOSTEST IMPAWTANT... Ernie and I want to THANK YOU and Miss Elyse fur all the hard work you do on this... EVERY YEAR.
    Next... we want to say that We did the card exchange 2 years... and it was always....a problem with folks NOT wanting to HONOR the DEAD LION.... they would BEG and WHINE and Whimper to get in LATE...
    PLEASE FOLKS..... HONOR Miss Diana and Miss Elyse by getting in BEFORE the DEAD LION... and It is NOT fair to make them feel SAD beclaws you missed the Dead Lion...
    NOW that being said..... PLEASE put us (Frankie and Ernie) in the Card Exchange again this year... All of our information is the SAME as Last Year.

    THANK YOU.... SINCERELY fur doing this fur all of us...

  4. I just sent in my info for da card exchange!

  5. We are in for both and have sent you an email!!
    Winston, Chloe and Cecil

  6. We sent an e-mail for the card exchange!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. we are in again for the cards and gift exchange - have sent out email :)

  8. A BIG thanks for doing this! We are in for the card exchange, mom will send you an email
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  9. Oh, you knows I'm gonn join BOTH!! Ma is gonna send you an email and sign me up for the gift exchange as a SINGLE! (don't tell Murphy...I'm really not single..bol!)
    Thanks bunches for doin' this...and thanks Angel Jazzi!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. NOTICE: To be clear, she is NOT single. She is my CHERRY BOMB!

  10. Thank you again for doing this! We LOVE the exchange! I'd like to once again have the FiveSibes participate in both the card exchange and the "group" gift exchange.

    Also, do you have the Word doc label sheets from last year? Or if you would like me to resend them? They can easily be updated with new addresses or to remove old ones...I'd be happy to update them if you let me know if there are any new people on it that way folks can have labels for their cards and save their "paws!" :-)

  11. BOL mom's ordered her Christmas cards in July b/c Shutterfly was having a special. I was on the card list last year and still have my list. I'll send you another email to make sure I'm on the list again. I loved getting all the cards last year and beating out the peeps cards. Thanks for doing this again it's so much FUN!

    Aroo to you,

  12. O my dog.
    We been thinking about this all week.
    Will send info in e mail asap.
    xo Cinnamon

  13. Keep us on the Christmas Card list! We love it!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  14. Jack and the tall guy would LUV to participate in both the card exchange and gift exchange. Please use our same info from last year!

  15. Oh and another very excited Mutt from the UK for the Christmas card list
    Loves andlicky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. OMD, we just love your header picture! We are bowing out again this year. Our mom is taking her annual trip to FL to visit with her mom and dad.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. We will participate in the Christmas Card list! We'd love to take this chance to greet our furry pals and meet new friends, too. Thank you for getting everyone together for the Holidays.
    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  18. This year we need to send e-cards. Yes it is fun getting all the cards
    Lily & Edward

  19. Yes, we LOVE this time of the year and watching our postmasters face in this little town, please put us down just like you did last year for the cards...thank you for all the work you both did...stella rose and momma

  20. OMD! Me and Stanley are so excited about this! You can sign us up for BOTH. Our information is the same as last year. As for the gift category, you can list us as individuals (so CHERRY BOMB does not THINK I said SINGLE BOL!).

    Your Super Doodz Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. We are in for both exchanges too. Our information is the same as last year and we will do the gift exchange as singles.

  22. Please add me to your list for both! My mom and I are so excited you are taking this on again. My info is the same. The gift exchange is how I met Stella Rose!!!

  23. A BIG thank you to you and Miss Elyse for taking on this mammoth task once again.

    We would very much like to take part in the Christmas Card exchange again this year (our details have not changed) BUTT we are currently in the midst of a postal strike (nothing coming in and nothing going out) here in SA with no end in sight. If things have not sorted themselves out by the 8th of November we will let you know and we will unfortunately only be able to send out E-cards. We will keep you posted.
    Love living in Africa!
    Wally & Sammy

  24. I would like to stay on the christmas card list, like last year. (Easy Rider from France)
    many thanks for all your work, you make christmas special :o)

  25. So wonderful that this is going again, can't believe it's that time of year! You gave us such a fabulous gift last year :-) We will have to get our info to you. We won't be able to do a card exchange - Mamma just can't keep up. But a fun gift exchange is good for us and we will stick to a single because Coccolino gets the honor in this one :-)

  26. I LOVE the Christmas Card Exchange!!! Please keep me on the list!

  27. Count us in! Please add Riley. We don't know ifyou have our email's We think you have everything else from last year. Yay for holiday cards! Thanks so much for doing this again, it is so much fun to get more cards than the peeps!

  28. Yip, yip, yippy! I love Christmas. Not only do I get pressies, but it's also Mom's birthday.
    SIGN ME UP FOR BOTH. I wanta do da Gift Exchange (as a single) AND I sent you an email wiff all my info for da Card Exchange.
    I'm sooooooooooo excited.

  29. Going to participated again ... BUT ... we will have a new mailing address information. Hope to get it this week and will send it soon. Golden Thanks n Woofs

  30. Thank you for doing this again. We look forward to this every year and love the way our card wreath fills up. Bailey and Katy at Sheltie Times would like to join again. A big thank you goes out to Lassister and Chase for sending us a reminder. We've been dealing with family stuff and have been away from blogging and we would have been so sad to have missed the exchange.

  31. Thank God I didn't miss this!!! We want to do the gift exchange!!! There are two of us so a group is good!!
    I'll email you too!

  32. We wouldn't miss either for the world!! Mommy already sent our information for the Christmas Card Exchange.
    We, Mona & Prissy, want to do the Christmas Gift as a group. This is gonna be FUN!!

    ♥♥♥MONA & PRISSY

  33. I just emailed. My boys want to get in on the gift exchange.

  34. We would love to participate in the card exchange again!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the hard work that you and Elyse put in to is A LOT of work and we sincerely appreciate everything that you do!! All of our information is the same. Thanks! Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  35. Thank you very much for all the hard work. I was on the list last year and I wish to remain on the list for cards. Thank you again.

    I also want to be in the gift exchange again. It is just me and everything is the same as last year.

    Loveys Sasha

  36. We were on the list last year and want to do it again this year. Lady Caroline, Arthur & Valentine Daniel

  37. Just emailed you about the Christmas card exchange and would love to join the gift exchange as well!!!

    Thank you so much for all your time you guys put into this. It is beyond appreciated!

    Spencer the Goldendoodle

  38. Sent an email with my info tonight. Sorry based on your post I thought you'd have it from last year.

    Bailey & Katy Sheltie Times

  39. Aw, this is so wonderful. I have emailed you and can't wait to participate! :)

  40. Our details are on last year's and we'd like to stay on it for the card exchange. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  41. We're in for this year for both! I sent you all my information so I can show my Mom/Dad that I will win the "popularity" contest in the house. ;-)

  42. May I please put Marty on the gift exchange as a single?
    Marty's Mom

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