Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Back Away

I've been lonely lately. You see at Michael''s been very very busy. My mom's been working double shifts last week and working over the weekend and another double yesterday. What's a guy to do?
FINALLY.....she has 3 days off..yippee.

So with Thanksgiving coming up and about 87 people coming.....guess what she does. Isn't this appalling? Yah....
 Aww..NO...not on my watch.

 Addi realized that some of those were hers too.
 Back away from the toy....and...No one gets hurt.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's Not...

Really?? Are you kidding me?
I say.....Well lets not and say we did.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Snow watch

We are expecting SNOW tonight. Mom brought home these 2 things from the store. And......the snow blower is all ready to roll or plow!!! Bol
How do i look in my new sweater? Its comfy and warm.
Mom thinks that it's gonna snow.....Dad says that he doesn't believe it. We will see which one is right. So....I'm on snow watch tonight.
Note: Moms are always right.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ok...ready...Lets go shopping!!

Lets go Shopping........
This is our 5th yr now so most of you know how this all works and how much fun that it is.
There are 2 groups. The Singles limit is $10.00 or so and the groups limit is $15.00-20.00. 
**You each have your partner and if you click on your partners will take you right to their blog. That's how you get into contact with your partner...get e-mail addys and exchange gift ideas, etc. Most of you keep up the blog but ...if you haven't blogged in a bit..PLEASE check it so you can connect with your partner!!
****We ask that all mailings should be out by Dec 19th to make sure that it arrives on time. Some of you mail early and that is fine too. It is up to you and your mom want to open your gift when it comes or wait until Christmas. So here is the list:
Princess Leah has Miss Oswin
Miss Oswin has Princess Leah
Ranger has Edward 
Edgar has Walter
Stella Rose has Maddie the Pug
Margaret Rose has Madi
Angus McConnell has Duncan 
Maddie the Pug  has Ruby 
Ziggy has Stella Rose
Stanley has Angus McConnell
Murphy has Phod
Ruby has Daisy
Bentley has Edgar
Pierre has Pippen
Cinnamon has Jack
Spencer has Stanley
Sarge has Buddy
Millie has Ziggy
Walter has Oreo
Jack has Ranger
Oreo has Jacque
Addi has Spencer
Madi has Lily
Hailey has Cinnamon
Phod has Sarge
Edward has Murphy
Lily has Margaret Rose
Buddy has Addi
Duncan has Pierre
Daisy has Hailey
Jacque has Bentley
Pippen has Millie

All things Collie has Jakey and Bilbo
Team Beaglebratz has Arty and Dory
Dz Dogs has Five Sibes
Arty and Dory has Team Beaglebratz
Jakey and Bilbo has Higgins and Niles
Five Sibes has All things Collie
Higgins and Niles has Dz Dogs 

SO.....Have fun shopping and post pictures of them opening their gifts. We all want to see the action and what they got. Any questions feel free to contact me...unless its a problem then never mind HA!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last call for the Christmas gift exchange

Its almost time to find out who your partner will be. But first we need to have you check the list and make sure that your name is there before partners are assigned. This is your last chance to sign up or change your mind...which hopefully you wont!! Tomorrow is the deadline and the list will be out on Thursday!!
For singles the amount is 10.00 at least. Groups 15.00 at least. Ok...heres the list:

All things Collie
Higgins and Niles
Princess Leah
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mc Connell
Team Beaglebratz
Maddie the Pug
Stanley and Murphy
Dante and Ziva
Miss Oswin
Bentley and Pierre
Millie and Walter
Arty and Dory
Jakey and Bilbo
Hailey and Phod
Five Sibes
Edward and Lily
Oreo and Addi
Jacque and Pippen

The not so fun leaf fun

Oh...I was having fun in the leaves until the grand peep Bailey tried to grab me.
I said: I am outta here.....
And....she said: Not so fast. Before I knew it...I was back in the pile being strangled to death!!
I heard talk about leaf throwing and that they wouldn't do that to me cuz I am more laid back and not the crazy girl that Jazzi was. But when they saw me with the leaf bubbles...they said they knew that I would be ok with it. I do these things?? WHY??
So here I go:
And here I went: made them Happy....and now the leaves are out there for the Leaf Sucker dude!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Leaf bubbles

You all know that I LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE bubbles.
Well.....leaf bubbles are just as much fun too!!!