Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Day 1...Where it all began. She was so small and so cute.April 6th 2006. Her name was Sugar and I changed it to Jazzi. It fit her spunkiness perfect.
She was the Taco Queen!!

Best Costumes:
Uncle Ed:
Her boyfriend Sweet William:
Jazzi and Addi:
 They were best buddies:
 One of my favorite pictures of Jazzi:
  Her last time in the yard....August 23rd, 2014
Our very last picture together. I was totally heart broken!!
I knew it...I could see it in her eyes...we both knew that it was time!! She fought but it just wasn't meant to be. A hard decision that I have had to make but it was the right one.
My sweet , sweet Jazzi!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Walking with my Pitbull friends

Today I was hanging with the big dogs. I have 4 pit bulls that live right behind me. 3 girls and 1 boy. Sammy and I are great buddies. They are very nice pit bulls. The girls get quite in my face that I hafta growl kinda like I did with Jessie at the BAR. But amazingly this summer...the girls and I are getting along great. Anyway today their mom asked if I could go on a walk with them. Mom said Yes.
This is Trixy the white one and my buddy Sammy. The other 2 were at home but they all 4 are the nicest dogs and all rescues.
Mom says its cute cuz when I see them walking..she lets me out and I go charging out the back door and me and Sammy kiss each other's noses and run all around together. I love my buddy Sammy. Normally Sammy isn't on a leash and he obeys really good. I can play outside off leash but haven't tried  walking off leash and dont see it in the near future either.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

This is kinda crazy

You guys are gonna think that I am crazy and I hate to admit this to everyone. But.....when Mom is in the bedroom or bathroom and she wants me to keep her in the bedroom this is what she puts across the door. Yes...its about 14 inches tall and I stay in the room and don't even try to jump it. I stay in the room.
Here is the crazy part. I stay in the basement when she is gone and I have about a 4ft by 6ft spot that is 2 sides wall, 1 side back of the couch and 1 side gate. I manage to get out of there and she has NO idea how. She says that I am a little Houdini!!
She has me pretty well secured for the moment in the basement with tables in front of the gate and I havent been able to get out but its not for the lack of trying!!
**I get too much anxiety if I'm left with too much space so I cant  be left alone in the house or even in the kitchen. I kinda go berserk!! Crazy huh?? A small space makes me feel safe I guess. She thought that I would grow out of this by now, its been 2 years but nope...Haven't!!
Any one else have anxiety issues? Does it ever go away?

Synchronized Walking and Looking

Welcome to Synchronized Walking and Looking. This event had variables. Some of the walking is with other dogs and some with family members. We just want to showcase all options. So here we go:
Me and Oreo just walking and looking together.
Dory and Arty are excellent lookers.
Here we have a trio effect. Stanley, Murphy and Dad all together.
Millie and Walter got this down pat...right on down the path.
Roxy and Dui together and have the looks on both sides covered.
This is awesome from Charlie. Look at their stretchy jump as they run and look ahead.
Next up is Abby with her Dad. Great action Abby.
Frankie and Ernie have this ground covered.
What a unique way of dualism. Good job Easy.
Princess Leah and her Aunt Freya sure are in Sync.
  Another trio...Bertie, a friend and Gail....all stepping together.
 Hazel and her mom and Oreo cant take his eyes off of this picture!!
 Hailey and Zaphod doing a great side by side.
Everyone was fabulous!! Gold metals for everyone.
Take your metal and Thanks for entering!!