Saturday, September 24, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Blogville Demolition Derby

Welcome to the Blogville County Fair Demolition Derby. We have a great afternoon, its about 78 so a perfect fall day here in Blogville. We have a terrific batch of drivers here today so we hope that you will enjoy the demo derby. Just soaking the track again so its nice and wet...makes for a great demo.
You ones in the first 7 rows or so beware.....of flying Mud...I'm just sayin!!
Kismet is bring out the American flag driven by Casey.
Everyone stand for our Flag and National Anthem.
Here come the drivers:
I see they are lined up so...let the FUN begin.....
 A lot of maneuvering to see whos gonna be a leader.

There's a few that are out already....its tough to keep the cars going and you just never really know how you're going to be hit. I see Astro has backed into Dory

 Looks like these ones are out!!
 Ha...Zaphod hitting it with Jakey

 Casey is out and there are others out in the corners but you cant see them.
 Dory has fire...and we have an excellent fire team!!
 Arty is sure taking it with Mabel right now...
Looks like these ones are all out. Hailey has been doing good and looks like shes headed for Arty. They are the last 2 left.... They have been taking out cars left and right and I do believe that we are headed in for a showdown between Arty and Hailey. Oh...Hailey is headed right over to Arty!! what will happen?
Arty and Hailey going at it for the WIN....This is a real Paw biter!!
Oh no...Arty's car has stalled. He has 2 min to get it re-started!! Come on Arty..come on....
 Come on Arty (insert car starting noise)
30 seconds left Arty...
Aww....too Bad Arty. That engine just wont start!! Arty gave it all that he had. Lets give it up for Arty...Nice job Arty!!!
It was a fun Demo Derby and all you drivers gave us a great time.
Congratulations to Hailey!!
I hope that you all enjoyed the Derby and grab some more snacks at the food vendors on your way out. We will see you back next Fall for our 2017 Demo Derby. Be Safe!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Demo track

They are making Demo track preparations. Tomorrow is the Demo Derby. I hope drivers have practiced and get your rest tonight...this will be FUN tomorrow.
Make sure to snag a ticket and we will see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


We had a BIG OOPS on our end.
We realized that the Demo derby was suppose to have been yesterday (Saturday) but she was thinking that it was next Saturday.
Sooooo.....the Demo derby will be next Saturday Sept 23rd. So now you have more time to practice hitting your neighbors cars, mailbox or what ever....bol.
It should be a fun demo and sorry about the delay. Ireally need a new assistant.....j/k mom!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beware: This post has Fun, Surprising and Sad news in it!!

For the Fun News: This is my cousin Jake. I went to stay at his house last week while the parents were off traveling the world. Jake and I just hang out and chill together...we are both chillin kind of dogs. I am 7 and Jake is 10 yrs old. Just 2 guys hanging out!!
The week was going pretty good for us. We both bark at the dogs behind them through the fence though, chill in the grass and on the deck in the sun, have food and water whenever we want it etc. I I have pool water to play with and a hot tub to try and get into. It doesnt really get much better than that.  Until......The surprising news:
On Thursday night they bring home this little pip squeak and apparently her name is Piper. Little Bailey who is 4 has been begging for a puppy and NOW they decide to get her one? really? Shes about 10 X 6 X 6.
Here is Jake checking out little Miss pip squeak.
Me and Piper had a stare down but I didn't growl at her...well not on first meeting at least. I cannot lie.....but there was growling!! Ive only growled at 1 other dog....and that was Jessie.
Piper stole Jakes big dog bone....We both just stood and watched.
Sunday night when Mom got home...I was jumping and going beserk and she pets me and says Hi Oreo and then I hear....Aww look at the puppy. Let me hold the puppy. WHAT!! Seriously!!! Suddenly I am chopped liver!!!
Then to make matters worse...the Pip squeak HAD to come home with us Sunday night cuz we were baby sitting Bailey!! Upon arrival...she stole my stick bone...
My little round bone...
And my bigger bones!! Can this really be happening? I even had one of MY bones and little miss pip squeak comes up and gets in my face and tries to take it from me!! Aww Sorry charlie...but not hence growl...growl...snap...snap. Know what? I got yelled at!!! I can see this little miss pip squeak is gonna be nothing but trouble for me!!
Everyone thinks she is all cutsie cuz she is so small and oh she hops when she runs, rolls and flips over and she loves to untie my dads shoe laces and still she is all cutsie and they all eww and aww over her. Double Seriously!!!  This little Miss Pip Squeak can do NO wrong...Im not kidding!!
But I am trying as hard as  guy can to be nice to her.  But its awfully hard!!
Now comes the bad news.
Sunday night, Jakes mouth was swollen and he was drooling a lot. His parents were concerned and thought that maybe he had been biten by a bug or something. They took him to the Vet DR Monday afternoon. They did some tests and he had throat cancer. By Monday night he was having a hard time eating. Well....his parents knew what they had to do.
Tuesday they got him a cheeseburger and it took him over 5 min to eat it. The kids were pretty shook especially little was his dog. He was soooo sad!!
Jake was loved by his whole family and all the other grand kids. Some of them came to see him before it all ended. Addi doesn't know yet but I am sure that she will be looking for him next time that she goes over there!!
We will all miss you Jake and he is running with Jazzi  and his other dog cousins now and I'm pretty sure that they are enjoying tacos!!
Run free Jake!!