Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Scream...You scream...We all Scream....

For Ice-Cream!!! Are you screaming??
When we were at the BAR, the doods and their Mom and Dad, Yam, Mom and me went for Ice-cream. This idea was sounding great to me. Mom got this HUGE 2 scooper and it was enough for us to share but don't worry we didn't share until the end, cuz for some crazy reason...she isn't a fan of sharing a licked doggie spoon back into her ice-cream cone. Moms!! I mean...we are family right??
 Let me tell you...I thought I died and went to Heaven!!! Talk about YUM!!!!
 And the cone too....
Hey Mom....Hows about you just give me that whole cone...and let me finish it off and she did!! So....if you ever get to go to a Ice-cream shop..GO..its totally Awesome!!
 Plus Yam had her 1st Root beer ever while she was at the BAR since she doesn't eat Ice-cream!!! and know what? She loved it!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Dance dates for Hazel and Bertie

For my wonderful and beautiful Hazel....
Me and Bertie aren't your typical luvey dovey couple.
We go in the furs and kinda do our own thing.
He's fine with me asking....
So Bertie.....

Monday, June 20, 2016

This is just cruel....

Cruelty I say!! with a capital "C" ......especially to a Scottie who LOVES balls!!!
MOM!!!!! The grand peep is teasing me!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Birthday Cake Blowout

My assistant finally figured out how to get this up. Somehow it didn't work like it has in the past.....This is pretty Awesome.....enjoy!!
I wasnt too far away and barked cuz I thought that she blew off ALL my furs!! really!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Birthday Celebration

On Saturday at the BAR....we had a Surprise party for the Doods mom, Carol. She always wanted one and my mom loves planning parties. We went on a scavenger hunt and had her walk back blindfolded...
 and when she took off the blindfold.......SURPRISE!!
I don't think she fully realized it at first but it didn't take long and she was really surprised. She had a table full of 60 item things from you all and a nice scrapbook of birthday pictures and messages. Me and Mom want to say Thanks to all of you for getting them to us. It meant so much to her. You guys Rock!!
After gifts came time for the Candles. 60 of em to be exact and don't worry...I had forest ranger guys on standby!!! hehehe
Man!! Does that lady have some kind of wind or what??
Yup....thats right...She actually blew ALL 60 candles out in one swoop!!
She bout blew my furs right off!! Seriously!!!
Hope that you enjoyed your Birthday...You old lady!!! BOL
Hey..Wait a minute....My mom wrote that...not me...not me!!!
And.....its also time for 87 days around the world with Christmas. We are going to be visiting Lexi. To see what all we do around her place just click on Christmas's blog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

At the BAR

Took us all of about 6 1/2 hrs to get there. It rained about 3/4 of the time and my mom isn't a fan of driving in the rain but we made it safe and sound. I had met Stanley and Murphy at my house and when we got to the Red Roof Inn..I met Dory and Arty. That went pretty well.
Later on Casey and Jessie arrived at the hotel.
Mom doesn't know what happened but guess that I felt like a BIG dog in a little body so...I decided to take these 2 boxers on with my Scottie-tude!!I started with Jessie and  I said.."Bring it"!!
Know what she did?
She brought it!!
Pretty soon...Casey was protecting Jessie and before long there was gnashing of teeth...major growling...and biting going on!! None of us were backing down!!
I was getting scolded and their mom took them on a long walkie!!
Frankly...They intimated me just a tad but....Dont tell them that Ok?
I learned NOT to mess with the boxers anymore. The next day at the park was perfect...We actually all 3 got along. From then on..I mingled like a good boy and made some great friends.
 NO way!! I wasnt gonna mess with Zaphod!! just a good Hi-ya!!
It was a fun with making new friends. Casey and Jessie and I did get along the rest of the time. For the people that met me at the BAR probably would never imagine that I would have taken on 2 boxers but Yah...I did!!! Crazy huh??

We had the Memorial ceremony which YaYa did wonderful on. It was nice to remember those that passed on and cute and funny things about them. It was very special. YaYa also did the friendship ceremony with all the friends that couldn't be there but were there via picture. I know you all saw the videos of them on the facebook page.
It was funny cuz we would all be chillin and when anyone would walk by the trail, all it took was one dog to see them, bark and then suddenly there was a choir of dogs all barking. We didn't know what we were barking at...just joining in. They would hear us all barking and they went the other way!!! BOL Guess we showed them. Mom just laughed every time that it happened.
Guess we all had Doggie-tude!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Before the BAR

Last Wednesday...I had company at my house. Aunty Yam came from Scotland and the Doods came from Utah. They were all here for dinner with Pizza. Of course us dogs each wanted our time with Aunty. She loves Dogs and she gives the best rubs ever.
 We did go out to play in my side yard which is fenced in for some bubbles.....
 and some ball shootin.... time. Murph LOVES chasing the balls..hes a natural!!
 I was able to show them me and Addi's sitting spots. This is where we solve all the worlds problems!!
 I even let them ride in the red vertable...and they looked awesome of course!!
 By was time to go. I had a nice spot in the back but yah...that wasn't happening cuz I had other plans. Yams lap worked perfectly for a short time....then I rudely got the boot to the back seat!!
 I'm a really good traveler and no one heard a peep from me!!
 The drive to the shelter was so pretty...I was just looking out all the windows.
We're  here and off to meet some friends!!!