Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Jazzi

Jazzi says Hello!!
She took over the couch and the TV remote pretty quickly
Aww....a tired Jazzi

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

4 more days

Hey, Addi here!! Just a heads up that there are just 4 more days until Jazzi's National Taco day. Jazzi was so excited about doing this but sadly it wasn't meant to be. So I want to go ahead with it and make it super snazzy for Miss Bossy pants!! bol
Jazzi was a taco lover through and through and she devoured them very lady like. I cant count how many she has snatched mainly from Kim, ha! She'd do anything for a taco, really!!
Jazzi will be watching and she would want us to all go ahead and Eat Tacos!! Saturday, Oct 4th is the big day. On Sat, put up  your post with pictures of you eating your taco and you can tell us what all is in it. I know in the past, some of you have really creative tacos.
While honoring Jazzi's special day, if you want to, I think it would be cool to tell about your favorite memory of Jazzi, or your favorite blog post. I will be sharing mine on Saturday.
If you havent figured out your taco yet, get your peeps going. C-ya all on Saturday!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Costume giveaway

We  are having a Howl-O-ween costume giveaway. The costumes are from Entirely pets.  Addi was pleased forced  to model the costumes!!! Now you must all know that Addi is not a clothes kinda girl like Jazzi was. HA!
First one: A really cute purple dinosaur. This really made her very happy. Not!! Imagine Addi turning circles and me turning circles right behind her saying Addi wait, we just hafta put your leg in this leg hole, Addi!!. TADA!!! Finally after 87 minutes!! I don't know who was more tired me or Addi!! She refused to stand up ha! but she was sooo cute in it.
Next came the wonderful spider, again just add that  she can hardly contained her excitement horror bout it. Actually she thought it would make a great play toy.
Lastly the butterfly. I do think she would have flown way if she could have.
Addi: Hey! Can you open that window so I can end this ordeal ??????
This is what she thought of the butterfly.
These costumes are made out of great really soft material and they went on really easy, well considering its Dog-zilla who wants to remain in the furs. I was thrilled with the quality of the costume.
So we are going to give away the dinosaur and the butterfly costumes.  (Addi is going to be the Spider for Howl-ween)
WAIT!! There's more.
To one lucky winner they will be able to go to Entirely Pets and choose their own costume for Free and the company will send it right to your house in time for Howl-O-ween.
To enter just leave a comment and I the beautiful Addi will draw the names on Friday and post the winners on Friday.
Addi: PLEASE help me get these costumes out of this house!!!
NOTE: Dinosaur is a large size and the butterfly could fit a medium to large size dog!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lots and lots of stuff

This past week or so I have gotten in the cleaning mode. When I get there, I have to go with it cuz who knows how long it will stay ya know?? I had way too much stuff in closets and in our attic that I knew I had to get rid of. Now I am not a hoarder or anything, but I just have alot stuff from the kids and of course the very important things that I may need someday!! Any of you have that kind of stuff?? I hated to throw stuff away so I decided to donate and help save the environment. I had the trunk packed full and the back seat too and off I went to the donation place. It actually feels good to see improvement in the attic and seeing how clean it is getting.
When I was cleaning I found this picture frame. Uncle Ed gave it to Jazzi last Christmas. It was very special last year but it is even more special now. She sure loved her Uncle Ed and they were great partners!! 
One more round of cleaning and another car load and I will be done. Now I have to make sure to buy only what I need!! yah right!! lol I have so much craft stuff that my husband tells people that when Michael's runs out that they call me Ha! Its not really that bad but that's his story!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The first day of Fall

Today was the first day of fall. It was a beautiful day with that perfect fall smell in the air. The trees are just now starting to turn colors and I spotted this pretty tree on my way home from work. Fall is my favorite season.
Even though it wasn't a hot summer I'm looking forward to sweatshirts, big pots of chili, playing in the leaves with the grand-kids and going to the Apple orchard.

I hope you all are getting your moms into planning what kind of taco that you are going to have for Jazzi's Taco day. It will be coming up real soon.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jazzi is Proud

Jazzi is proud to be the sponsor of Blogville's furst ever debate. Just wish she could have here but in any case, go on over and check out The Great Debate at Frankies. It's a wonderful debate and enjoy a taco or two!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So lonely

Its me Addi and I'm still lonely
So....lonely. I really miss Miss Bossy pants nipping at my feets and playing chase and heading her off at the pass and her yapping like a crazy woman!!
Jazzi's mom decided that I needed a walk so off we went. It was a really nice fall day and I did enjoy it.
The clouds were beautiful that day. I hafta think that Jazzi is watching me. I'm trying to take good care of the peeps Jazz.
Diana here: Poor Addi is still looking for Jazzi. This is her second time here since Jazzi's been gone. She doesnt play outside or with any toys and that is so unlike her. I may have to throw away the toys and get all new ones. Maybe she still smells Jazzi on them I dont know!! I did get a few more cards from Daisy, Slimmer pugs and Mitch and Molly. Thanks so much it means so much to me.
Mitch and Molly also sent me this adorable Scottie hanging with Jazzi on it. I Love it! Its hanging in my computer room. Thanks so much. The generosity in Blogville is just amazing!! Thanks to all of your cards, and kind words.
I have had to work alot this week and all weekend but I will get around to your blogs, so don't think I am just not getting there.