Monday, September 22, 2014

Jazzi is Proud

Jazzi is proud to be the sponsor of Blogville's furst ever debate. Just wish she could have here but in any case, go on over and check out The Great Debate at Frankies. It's a wonderful debate and enjoy a taco or two!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So lonely

Its me Addi and I'm still lonely
So....lonely. I really miss Miss Bossy pants nipping at my feets and playing chase and heading her off at the pass and her yapping like a crazy woman!!
Jazzi's mom decided that I needed a walk so off we went. It was a really nice fall day and I did enjoy it.
The clouds were beautiful that day. I hafta think that Jazzi is watching me. I'm trying to take good care of the peeps Jazz.
Diana here: Poor Addi is still looking for Jazzi. This is her second time here since Jazzi's been gone. She doesnt play outside or with any toys and that is so unlike her. I may have to throw away the toys and get all new ones. Maybe she still smells Jazzi on them I dont know!! I did get a few more cards from Daisy, Slimmer pugs and Mitch and Molly. Thanks so much it means so much to me.
Mitch and Molly also sent me this adorable Scottie hanging with Jazzi on it. I Love it! Its hanging in my computer room. Thanks so much. The generosity in Blogville is just amazing!! Thanks to all of your cards, and kind words.
I have had to work alot this week and all weekend but I will get around to your blogs, so don't think I am just not getting there.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Great Pumpkin

I've been doing lots of cleaning, trying the less is more theory. Not sure how well I'm doing cuz my husband asked me if i was just moving things around lol
But in my cleaning, I did come across this really cute picture. This is Sprint and a friend gave us this really Huge pumpkin. I've never had one this big. Sprint was standing on his tippy paws. Needless to say thst he was thrilled to be in this pumpkin NOT!!! Lol

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Little game for you

Here is a game for you. It works every time. Try it

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Costumes are out.

Howl-O-ween costumes are out at Michaels. Are you all thinking about you Howl-O-ween costumes?

They also have these Scottie gift bags, notcards and gift tags for all you Scottie people. Just a heads up. Hopefully there will be Scottie wrapping paper too pretty soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Past Dogs!!

I love Dogs and I grew up with a dachshund that looked exactly just like Nola. I dont have a picture so just picture Nola ok? Ha! Her name was Gypsy. I dressed her in all my doll clothes and put her in my doll strollers, she rode perfectly and she was wonderful for me but for my mom not so much. Gypsy and my mom didn't get along and when my mom would leave, she would chew stuff around the house, furniture, cushions etc. But she kept her cuz I loved her and Gypsy was my childhood dog.

I have been going throw old boxes and cleaning and found these dog pictures.They were our old dogs. First one is Cecil. Don't let his cuteness fool you. He was the Beagle from Hell, LOL He howled like crazy, if he didn't like someone he would lift his leg on their foot and he used to love to sneak out and run around the neighborhood.Now.....the only way to get him back home was to put a bowl of food on the porch and when he was eating it, then we could nab him!! Seriously!! That darn dog could be so sneaky that he would sneak up, eat the food and run around again before we even noticed!!!! LOL so yes, we had to put more food out to catch him again!!! He was always into trouble!!
Next came Sprint. He was given to us by Kims friend. When he was little and getting ready to run, he would look like a sprinter does, so hence the name Sprint. He was a great dog and never left the yard. He would go with me on our paper routes unleashed and be fine, He would even sit and wait at the corners for me, lol such a good dog. He was the dog my kids grew up with. He was in all the kids pictures like prom, homecoming etc. He loved being the only dog and was so jealous of even Toms pet hamsters, he would watch them and cry. They say that Chocolate kills dogs. Well....when he was about 10 yrs old Valerie had a solid chocolate Santa wrapped up for a Christmas gift. While we were gone, he found it, unwrapped it, chewed the box open and ate the ENTIRE chocolate bunny!! He didnt even get sick but he was pretty thirsty that night!! Sprint lived to age 18 and we had to put him to sleep. He went blind, deaf, lost his sniffer and had heart problems.
3 months after Sprint passed, I FINALLY got my Scottie. I have always loved and wanted a Scottie. I had to wait until Sprint was gone cuz it wouldn't be fair to him to get another dog. I think he would  have been heart broken. Jazzi was full of energy and so good with all the kids and grand kids. She tolerated me with all the costumes, hats, glasses, bikes, leaf throwing etc. cuz she knew there were treats coming. She did LOVE her tacos and I have no idea how she got that but she did. That was her specialty meal!! She like to bark to hear herself sometimes I think, lol and she kept a great eye out on her property for the squirrels and rabbits. She livened up our house and her and Addi running together was quite a sight. When Jazzi would sneak out at least she knew to ride around with a bunch of nice teenage girls and gets treats along the way. Guess she was no dummy!!
Couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog and we still miss her so much. I still move my foot under my desk to find that she isn't there and by habit before I go to bed, I think oh I have to let the dog out. I'm sure its normal for all of us who have lost dogs!! Its just had to believe sometimes.

I am anxious to find out:
Who our next dog will be?
What will its personality be like? It has to get along with grand kids and Miss Dog-zilla.
Will he or she let me dress them up?
When we will meet?
We just haven't made the right connection yet. I know that when I do, I will know that this is our next dog. We will be ready to love and spoil another dog. Whoever this dog is...has some pretty big paws to fill!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We are all so sorry to hear about Sweet Greta.I know we were all hoping for a recovery. I know that Jazzi was there to meet her with one paw and a taco in the other. Run free Sweet Greta.
I was surprised to get a package in the mail. It was this adorable Taco magnet from Lily and Edward. It came from an Etsy shop Guilt Free Decadence They have some adorable items and she does a great job with the Palmer clay. Thanks so much Lily and Edward. I love it and it is on the fridge!!
I also received 3 more cards from Ruby, Samuel and Wallace and Frankie and Ernie. Thanks so much and the cards mean so much at this time.