Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Bubbles

If you like bubbles then you will like these. I haven't seen them this big before.
My mom mixes up a special concoction and Kyla makes them with these sticks and string. Pretty cool huh?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Movie night

When we had all of the little peeps here my Mom popped in a movie for Movie night. She wanted to put her feets up too!! She put in Homeward Bound cuz who doesn't like a movie with 2 dogs and a cat in it?? I must admit that Me and Addi had fun watching it along with the kiddos.
When it got to the end where they are waiting for the last dog to come home, Addi gots herself really anxious. She jumped off the couch and paced back and forth. Then when he came over the hill Addi started barking and barking and barking. Thing is Addi hardly ever barks really!! If shes round me for a long time then you may hear her bark. So it was so cute to see her be so attentive.
It was a great movie and all the little peeps love it too. Does anyone else watch animal movies?

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Need a little help here!!  These darn poles keep getting in my way!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails

As all of us doggies do, me and Addi love getting packages in the mail too.They usually have yummies and stuffies in them for us to play with. We were so excited to get our box from the guy with the BIG brown truck, nice guy he was!!
Mom brought it in and we are both like JACKPOT!! We tore into the box and When we opened the box we were startled to find .....there was NOTHING in!! Nada...Completely empty. Now this IS NOT a funny joke to a Scottie or a Bulldog. So we took things into our own paws. We ripped that baby to shreds!!
Take that you ole box!!! Guess we showed you!!
NOW....where Oh where is that guy and his BIG Brown truck??
We are coming after you!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I gots my eye on YOU!!!

Remember that ole bunny that I scared off?
Apparently he is back on the side of the house that I can't go to. He's just sitting there resting my grass!!!! I mean the nerve of this guy!!
Well Bunny...I gots my eye on you and.... you little red cardinal...don't think that you are safe either!!

Wordless Girls Wednesday

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jazzi Update:

Friday I wasn't able to go up and down the stairs and I got Mom all worried. She kept an eye on me and I really slept alot. She just wished that I could tell her what happened. this morning I am better and I'm going up and down, in and out and all around and so everything is good again. Guess I just needed some R & R. She doesn't know what happened but it sure feels good to be back to normal.
Saturday was really busy at our house. My dads mom had a BIG 80th birthday party at her retirement home where she lives and there were 87 cousins from a whole bunch of places. She enjoyed it and they all had fun. They arrived home to have a birthday party for Kyla who is turning 9 and Tyler who is turning 7. There were 2 pinatas, a Mustache for Kyla and a Bug for Tyler. They had TONS of food and so I decided to get outta bed and hang out under the kids table and JACKPOT!! Love those little peeps. They had cake and lots of gifts etc. Kinda perked me up for the evening.
My mom is all about lots of pictures of the grand peeps so here they all are and you can see how old they are. Now you know how I have my paws full when they all come over!! They all love me though so guess I cant really complain.
Tyler has been here since July 5th and his mom and sister flew up to get him. His sister is the 3 yr old and they live in San Antonio. They left on Sunday afternoon so now we have a quiet house again. We love to have them come visit but Mom always hates the Goodbyes!! I'm still just hanging today Just to be on the safe side. I gotta think about my story for Friday that Stanley and Murphy are hosting. Happy Monday!!