Monday, February 27, 2012

What I have taught Addy

A year ago when Addy came to live with us, I knew that she would have to learn several things in order to survive here. First was all about that ole flashy box and what to do when you are fed up with it. So I taught her how to give the Stink eye. It took a little practice in the beginning to get it down pat. But...over time, I think she got it just right. She doesn't use it often cuz she is nice to Mom but only when necessary.Good Job Addy!! We had no idea that she would have to leave us so soon but the job popped up unexpectedly. Mom has assured me that Addy will be able to come back and join in for our parties, dances etc. Addy hopes that Bertie wont forget about her. She is still barking about riding in that Tank and skeering the bejeebies out of everyone else!! bol She is under the impression that me and Sweet William were skeered and running from them!! I let her think that cuz she is having so much fun with it, Pups!!


  1. I nose you're gonna miss your sissy. Her will miss you too!

  2. Hey Addy!
    Wow, great job squinting at the flashy beast! I'm gonna miss you something fierce, but I know you'll still be around to see us. I hope you have fun in your new adventure.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. How could I ever forget Addy?
    Where else would I find a lass with such attitude, and such excellent taste in vehicles!
    Oh I do hope she settles in well in her new home and that we hear about her often.
    Toodle pip!

  4. Addy, we're gonna miss you something fierce! I, in particular, have loved having another "big-boned" gal in Blogville! Please keep us posted on your doin's!!


  5. Jazzi OMC we are sorry to read that Addy is leaving but very glad that brother Tom will have someone to love and snuggle with while he gets used to his new city. We look forward to hearing how Tom and Addy adjust to living in the big state of Texas.
    Hugs to Addy from Madi and Mom

  6. Addy will just have to start her own blog so we can keep up with her every day!!

  7. You're a grrreat teacher Jazzi! Addy has the stink eye down pat!


  8. You did a marvelous job of teaching Addy the stink eye. Wow that was so good. I am sorry that Addy is moving and I hope she will make new friends and be happy. Jazzi can I come and play with you sometime? Maybe if all the bloggy friends visit you won't miss Addy quite as much.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. We're going to miss Addy. You'll have to get some pictures of her in her new home, so we can see how she's going.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & roxy

    You've taught her so many things...guess she's set to make her way in the world.

  10. You know we are gonna miss Addy somethingy Fierce.. butt she is gonna be back fur all the IMPAWTANT stuffs so I guess we can live with this.

    It just won't be easy.
    At least you won't have to share UNCLE ED with her.

  11. Jazzi - I love using the stink eye where its appropriate, especially after the 87th flashy box shot!!!

    We are gonna miss Addy!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  12. we don't want to see Addy go...we are so sad
    Benny & Lily

  13. You're a great teacher Jazzi. Addy you will be missed. But I am sure we will still hear all about your new place.

  14. Aww Jazzi....Addy will be back before you know it...and we'll all try and help fill the gap for ya!
    Hugs, Angus, Becky and their peeps

  15. Has Addy confirmed that she will have her own blog so we can keep up???

    Also, can you teach me how to do the stink eye???


  16. You taught her well. Love the stink eye photos!