Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is so funny

Ive got a hilarious story. There are no you hafta imagine this senerio. Now you all know that I'm a guy of non excitability except for catching bubbles. And you know that Mom has recently planted a garden bed along side of the house. And of course stuffs haven't come up yet so it is all dirt right now. We have had lots of rain so that dirt combined with water know where this is heading right?

Well...last night she let me outside to do my stuff. To my amazement what did I find running around outside? A MOUSE!!!!
He was squealing like a baby and I was chasing him saying you better squeal cuz I'm gonna get you. Afterall Im still part Scottie.
I cannot help that the mouse ran right through the mud just like i can't help that i chased him and nipped at his trail right through the mud!!!
Mom was yelling leave it Oreo. Are you kidding me?? There was no way that was happening.....well back and forth we went up and down the garden bed with no stopping,
So..she took matters into her own hand and came out to get me. The sidewalk was all muddy and so were her feets...bol. Between her screaming and running round like a crazy woman.....the darn mouse got away.
Once he got away...i had to Sniff every where we had been up and down the mud!!!
Again I couldn't help that there were 87 muddy pawprints in the kitchen or the fact that i was so excited that i ran all through the house with muddy paws!!
As far as i see is moms fault that she even let me outside. She apparently doesnt have the same thought!!
Hey!! I just made some excitement. Bol


  1. BOL - Oreo, you're my type of pal!

  2. ARROOoooooo What great fun you had Oreo. Some times having to make up your own pictures is better than the real ones. Thanks for the laughs.

  3. It's Mom's fault for planting the garden. She should have foreseen that it was in a strategic place.

  4. BRAVO fur YOU OREO.... and Tough COOKIES (that's an Oreo PUN fur you) fur your mom...
    It was ALL the Mouse's Fault.... they are second cussins to SQUIRRELS....

  5. That mouse doesn't know how lucky it was to get away from your speed and keen senses. Your Mom should be thankful for you keeping it from eating the entire yard.

    Abby Lab

  6. you can't get in trouble for doing your job of vermin control :)

  7. You know when Goose left muddy paw prints in the kitchen I always saw it as a beautiful thing. It made me smile that he was so happy with himself that he couldn't help but dance on the kitchen floor.

  8. Oreo, as you remind us, you are part terrier. Just tell your Mom that mouse chasing is what you are FOR. End of.
    Toodle pip!

  9. This is super funny! That little mouse was lucky to get away!

  10. The mouse...blame the mouse. It would have been another story IF that mouse got inside. It would have been 'Oreo, what kind of terrier are you....get that mouse!'

    Wish you had a video...though we could well imagine the scene! BOL!

  11. It is always a mouse's fault!!!

  12. Crikey Oreo ..... way to go mate!! What was your Momma thinking coming out and scaring that mouse bloke away. You'd have got him for sure if she didn't interfere, aye??

  13. You saved your family from a scary mouse! Where is the appreciation!?!

  14. Too bad it got away, doin da shakey shakey on rodents are one of da true joys of life.

  15. Bummer that you missed snagging the mouse but you sure did have some fun for yourself, Oreo!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. That sounds like super fun! Hunting, running, mud! Pawsome!!

    (we are sure your mum will forgive you!)