Thursday, June 23, 2016

As the Corn Grows

Back here in the Midwest we have gorgeous corn. It grows super tall and its always fun to watch the corn grow. So we thought that we would do a "As the Corn grows" series. We will take pictures of the corn, measure the height, see it until it is "White unto harvest" and through the season.
(We will be going to the same spot each time)

June 23rd: The rule is: Knee high by the 4th of July.
We guessed that it was about 3 ft now. So it is growing ahead of schedule.
June 29th:  
We went to check out the corn, this time with our measuring tape.
Now it is a little over 4 ft tall (50 inches)
July 4th:  Ok...So now the corn is getting HUGE!!!
Double Bam!!!! A good 58-60 inches almost 5 ft tall. So much for ft high by 4th of July.
You can hardly see the trees like in the corn picture earlier.
We think its gonna be an awesome year for corn....I'm just sayin....
July 12th: The corn is now 90 inches!! Can you believe that?
And.....No sight of the trees anymore!! Its growing like crazy!!
August 24th: Its been awhile since we checked the corn due to Mom working and they were on vacation. Man!!!! Its growing like crazy. Its 95 inches tall now.
It's getting tassels now and the tips are starting to look golden.
And we saw lots of ears of corn. Fresh corn and fresh popcorn is soooo good!!
The corn will keep getting golden. We will watch it until it is ready to harvest. The cornfields are sooo beautiful.
An old farmer friend of Moms used to make popcorn. He either dried it on hanging on the ear for a few weeks or broke off the corn and then dried it. Mom says it was delicious.
Sept. 28th: Corn update. Its been so pretty being green but it is starting to dry out and turn brown.
We saw lots of ears of corn. They look pretty cool.
Still somewhat green. When my family was in Kansas...they were harvesting their corn. Ours shouldn't be too far behind.
October 25th: Addi  here for the corn update.
Here's an inside look
Still just a tad green
It is so pretty as its golden. We are just waiting for the farmer to do his harvesting.


  1. I'll send over some of our rabbits to make it disappear.

  2. Hari OM ja vu............ am sure this was posted earlier and the post date up top does say June 23rd.... and am sure I already said that I'sa getting round to posting about my trip at the end of the week and the corn gets a mention... but maybe I didn't and maybe its a MENO thing... or maybe I REALLY lost my marbles??!!! &*<> YAM xx

  3. Crikey Oreo ... The corn got bigger and you got smaller!!! It sure looks like a great year for corn, aye?

  4. We're so glad to see it very green this year from all the rain!

  5. OMD OMD It is ALMOST as high as an Elephant's Eye.. already... WOW. We love this series.. So fun to watch it grow to the sky...

  6. OMD..we bet you have some great corn this year!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. What fun the peeps could have running through there!

  8. Mom is gonna have to take a step stool with her next time, BOL

  9. Oh for sure I wanna come to your Corn Maze Pawty.
    When cats stretch their back gets arched really high. There is a saying something is higher than a cat's back....I think that corn is way higher than my back
    Hugs madi your bfff