Sunday, October 3, 2010

right choice, a nice payoff and big ooppss!!

Aww....I just couldn't do it!! The little guy was so looking forward to the treat and he really really wanted it. I figured that there would be a pay off!!! Like I scratch your back, you scratch my back!! And sure enough there was payoff. A nice bag of square chewy chips just for me. I was could taste it even before they hit these chompers. Mom had to do something first, so this is where I get myself into trouble!! I hear Mom calling me and before I could come, there she was~~Standing there!!! MAJOR BIG GULP!! Yes, I did climb onto the table all by myself. I was pretty PROUD until I got busted!!I went to the edge of the table and sat and gave her my sheepyist look that I could!! Afterall there was no place to go and I couldn't hide!! Did the sheepyist look work?? NOT a chance. I got sent to my home jail and she said I could kiss those treats goodbye!! She said to Think about what I did!! yah right!!
So.....what I am is all her fault cuz if she didn't have to do something, then I wouldn't have gotten into trouble, yah that's it! I will see if this smoozes it all over!! And what made the whole thing even worse, was that there was NO tacos this time!! Drat!!


  1. Oh my Gosh JAzzi!! Did you really get up on the dinning room table??? I have never been up there and I bet you felt like you could see the whole world up there. I am sorry you got sent to jail and maybe from now on mom will not leave the room unattended in your presence. Sorry about the tacos too. :(
    Hugs and wags. Mistaya

  2. Jazzi! Did you really get on the table? Wow! That must have been fun!! I'm sorry about going to jail but I think you will be out soon!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Yep, if they didn't want us to have them, they shouldn't put them down to where we can reach them!!

  4. Hey Snazzi,

    We know Uncle Ed will be proud - our Dad wants to know if you are getting ready for the holidays.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. I agree with jackdaddy comment! I love the pic of you in your pretty pink dress!


  6. Shoot, Jazzi! It was in the bag! All you had to do was wait for 1 minute!
    We've never been on top of the dining room table. How's the view from up there?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hmm, maybe they should sign you up for some agilities?? You know, where you get REWARDED for climbing on stuff?? Just a thought :)

    Brutus & Carmen

  8. Jazzi, what was the point of getting on the table if there wasn't anything up there to eat? I could totally understand if there was something up there, anything really, but you took such a big risk and got in trouble for nothing. I don't get it one bit. Oh well, next time make sure the trouble part is worth it ;o)

  9. Man that's some serious business having to go to jail for getting on the table! That's one mean warden, eh, Mommy! I'm passing the word around: Get on the table, go the slammer! Every one got that??

  10. Oh that story sound so familiar. I am forever being sent to the 'home jail' and told to 'contemplate the error of my ways'....Fat chance!
    Toodle pip!

  11. I don't know why the "attaboys" for our figuring out how to climb to the top of the table never outweigh the "bad dog" for doing it. Unless they're so mad at themselves for making the mistake that let us do it they have to take it out on someone -- i.e., us poor pups.

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake (and Just Harry)

  12. Jazzi I'm IMPRESSED!!! How in the world did you a precious puppy get on the table!!! Are you 1/4 feline?
    Sorry you got busted.

  13. I got on the table once -- yeah, I found out that's a no-no....I can't imagine why?

  14. miss jazzi,
    it was way nice of you to let zac have the treat! too bad you got busted on the table, though! like everybuddy else is askin', how did you get up there?! i wanna see an informational on that. heehee. anywho, i hope your mama has forgotten all about it by now, and you are chewin' on those chewy chips!!

    the booker man

  15. Awwwwwww gotta be here when Ma finds ME on the table........terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible time for me....then the dreaded CRATE!!!!!......and you look too cute dancin the day away!
    Hugz, Becky and G-dog

  16. What are you talking about? You got in trouble for showing off your agilities skills? Not fair!


  17. I say you look totally innocent and it's all your Mom's fault. (And you need to show ME how to get on the table, too!!!!)