Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top 10 Resolutions

I see some of you have been getting for 2010 and deciding what you are/aren't going to do, so I thought I better get with it too. I have come with a Top 10 list. Here goes.......

I~~ Jazzi Chambers....has decided:

1o. I will keep guarding and protecting our house by barking at every cat and dog that walks on "our" sidewalks.

9. When getting the dreadful bath, I will be nicer to Mom and not shake myself until she has a towel in her hand, even though she pulls her shenanigans on me with that flashy box.

8. I will try to be helpful to others in whatever way that I can.

7. When Mom exercises, I will keep my giggles to a soft roar...

6. I will not drag out more than 5 toys at a time. I will wait for you to pick them up before getting more out.

5. I will continue to lay next to you while you are watching TV so you can give me belly rubs.

4. I will eat ALL the ice chips that you give to me and not leave any on the kitchen floor for you to step on with your socks on.

3. I will strive harder than ever to rid our yard of those pesty squirrels and if........I do get one, I PROMISE not to haul it inside for you to accidentally step on it, ok mom?

2. I will try...I say leave Kim's taco's on her plate on the table even if she walks away from them.

1. When you are ready to go to Kansas to see my bestest Uncle Ed, I will be right there at the back door, patiently waiting with my doggie bag all packed and ready to roll and I will be a perfect back seat rider.

Sounds pretty good to me!! Ok, Jan 1st, WHOA!!! I am already going to do rule # 8.
This rose is on loan to Brutus!!! Congrats are in order. Ohio won the Rose Bowl and Brutus didn't have a rose, so here ya go bud!!!


  1. What a great list!

    I see woo doing furry well with them!


  2. All those are pretty good resolutions!
    I am sure you will acomplish all of them!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Most excellent goals for the new year.


  4. How sweet of you to share the rose with Brutus. You certainly spent some major brain time on those resolutions. They are grrrreat ones, BTW. Loved you with the giant 2010 on your head.

  5. Good luck on your new year's wishes! I will wish that you can keep every one of them!

  6. Jazzi what great resolutions!!! I particularly like # 7...I think I'll send Madi up to your house for some training in manners!!! So when you see a gray and white cat on your side walk (ref. rule #1) don't bark just open the door and let her in.You are a very smart puppy.

    we hope your human brother made it to San Antonio ok!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. Ok, I will let her in and we can have some fun together.
    It took about 22 hrs due to snow and bad roads etc but Tom made it to San Antonio fine and is enjoying the warmer temps there than here in ILLinois where is is -5. lol
    He will be there at least 3 mon with his internship, then we will see if he gets a job.

    Kyla the munchkin here really misses him and she cries cuz she misses him so much, so she said when he comes home again she ISNT letting him go again. Kim lets Kyla call him so that keeps her somewhat happier.We all miss him, Mom even had a dream he came back home last night,lol

    Have fun today

  8. Great revolutions Jazzi!!

    You need to keep that rose close...Texas is in the BCS Championship this Thursday...which is also in the Rose Bowl....keep your roses crossed that Texas can squeek by Alabama!!


  9. Oh Jazzi, great resolutions!! I am proud of you!1
    Mom thank-you but you really don't need to get Bambi something. She doesn't know she is missing anything. That is the brakes!! I think Sasha's mom is going through something. I don't think it is just her computer trouble.
    Thanks, Fern

  10. What a pawsome list. :) You sure look cute with the rose

    ~ Bae

  11. Jan 4
    Hi Jazzi keep the lights on...I'm on my way. You and I will have some fun roaming around your house. I'll snoop up high and you can snoop now low.
    Madi and Mom

  12. PS I'm so glad your brother made it to San Antonio safely,
    Madi and Mom

  13. Hey Snazzi,

    It looks like you've got a plan!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java