Thursday, January 7, 2010

I did it AGAIN!!!

~~That's right~~I did it again~~

I did this same thing several months ago, and Mom wasn't as thrilled bout it as I was, because I brought it inside and Mom didn't see it and accidentally stepped on it and you should have heard her scream!! It was so funny!! She can't get mad at me for doin it cuz this is what I am meant to do and I have fun doing it~~do you all wonder what in the world I did??
Mom let me outside tonight and I was having lots of fun in the snow and what not. I didn't bark for awhile and I finally decided to bark to come in after I did this thing. So, Mom let me in and I brought it inside and I right away started throwing it around in the LR where she was, but she didn't notice right away cuz she was busy painting some bookends she is working on. She must have spotted it out the corner of her eye, so she asked me "What was I doing?"
"Huh..playing!" So she got up to see what I had and when she found out, I must admit she didn't spaz out, she was relatively calm and NO scream this time.

(Diana here) I got up to find that Jazzi had been playing with another dead mouse that she apparently caught outside and was more than happy to bring it in with her. I am glad she is a good mouser but I am not a big fan of bringing it inside!! I made her drop it and she was running round like a crazy woman and so I put her in her kennel so I could get rid of it. To me, these are just the yuckiest things, to her she is so proud of herself, so I didn't want to squash her pride. She is feeling pretty proud now, I didn't know if she could get through the door, HA! HA! Last time after I stepped on it and screamed there was no picture, so this time I decided to get a picture, so here is her pride and joy:I am so glad that the grand kids were in bed already ha! but then they probably would have thought that this was soo cool!! Once I got rid of it, I asked her, I thought that this was one of her New Years Resolutions, not to bring it inside. She said Nope!! that rule # 3 was that if she got a pesty squirrel, that she wouldn't drag it inside!! So nice of her huh?? I think she is part cat!! Madi would be proud of her for sure!!

(Jazzi back) So what do you guys all think of my catch? Am I the coolest or what?? And who knew with the snow, that there would be a mouse outside? I tried to xplain to Mom, that I was trying to keep him from getting in alive and then really scaring her!!

~~~Oh.... a note to all of you east of IL. It is snowing here and we are to get like 8-10 inches so Frankie, Brutus get ready...the snow is coming right to you!!! Hey, you can't say I never gave you anything!! HA!


  1. Our humans would think that it is yucky too! But you are clever at it, Jazzi. You have done a good job there. We wouldn't like those pest and we would get at them if they ever cross our path.

  2. Mitch is sending you HUGE high-five's, Jazzi! He LOVES to catch mice too! Who needs a kitty when the doggie is an excellent mouser, right?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Great catch! I am not sure why you didn't eat it, though. Then by the time your momma saw the evidence it would be too late. Hehehe.


    P.S. Momma says you can come and live in our attic anytime.

  4. SNAZZI!! We are so proud of you!! WTG! You rock!! and all of the other things the kids are saying. Our Mom rarely lets us off the leash long enough to catch a mouse. We think they can smell us though and run away because we never see one.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. Jazzi
    Oh my word!! You are a cat in a Scottie body...
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! I don't even know if I could catch a mouse and I'm 100% cat. Job well done but dear sweet friend we know you are proud as punch at your accomplishments but leave them outside...HA Too funny
    I'm a diva cat so I can crown you Jazzi Huntress Supreme!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Jazzi
    Mom here: Thanks for not sending me the mouse for my b-day!!!

  7. Wowie wow. You won't believe this one... I think you and I are TWINS. I got a mouse yesterday too!!! Butt... yours looks more like a ground mole to me. Yours has an awful long "snout" and I don't see any "handle" AKA TAIL. grrrreat job there Jazzi. My mom was sooo very much proud of me for my job well done that she gave me two treats!!!
    As for that snow you're sending. Thanks for thinking of me... BUTT I wish you wouldn't go to all that trouble. I'm just sayin'.

  8. What an accomplishment, Jazzi. We really don't understand why our pawrents don't care for them either. Go figure.

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. Jazzi,
    I, Sitka's mom say: That is just plain gross! You have plenty of things to play with and you need to leave those nasty mice (dead or alive) alone..YUCK!

  10. YAY!!! SCORE!!! All Hail Jazzi - SWIFT WARRIOR PRINCESS!!! Not only did she dispatch an intruder, but she brought it home to share with her pack! Most Excellent Scottie behaviour!

  11. Thanks for all the support, Mom is just smilin...and it does have a tail, you have to look close due to the color of the tail vrs carpet. I told mom to get a really closeup but this is all she wanted to see she said and that I as good even getting a pic for the scrapbook!! ok, ok.....geezzzz..

    The mousie warrior

  12. ....FYI for all you mouse warriors.....our cat caught a mouse that had eaten some DeCon that someone else put out and he died from the got to his mouth and he couldn't eat or bad people have to put out that stuff to get rid of mice....a trap and a cat/dog works great....we are down on people who use those nasty chemicals.....yuck! Just a heads up....from the Kansas farm..... we want to keep all you special animals safe especially my favorite gal....Jazzi!!!!

  13. Oh hi Uncle Ed,
    Isnt this just way tooo Cool???

    when I come to visit you, I will get all your mouses just for you ok?


  14. Hi Jazzi, we are sooooo impressed - what a clever doggie your are.
    Our mum just fainted right enough......
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxxx

  15. Woo Go Girrrrrrl!

    I bet all our khat furiends are soooo purry jealous!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: I'm waiting fur my snow!

  16. We have big rats down here...Can you come and catch those Jazzi?? They are only a little scary...


  17. Jazzi, you are one brave fella!!!!! Way to go!!!

    lotsa licks,

  18. You're a useful kinda fluff, aren't you? If your momma gets upset when you bring her presents, feel free to visit us for a bit. I think my mom will kiss the ground you walk on if you catch even one of those stinkers around our home. Nobody over here, not even our 3 cats care about mice BOL Great job btw.

  19. Good job, Jazzi!
    I have never seen a mouse around here! And I have heard it is pawesome to catch them! Maybe one day....
    Kisses and hugs

  20. It kinda looks like a little stuffie, huh?
    Benny & Lily