Saturday, November 29, 2014

My busy day.

We had a good Thanksgiving and the Turkey was good. I also had a busy day before Thanksgiving.  I went to the Dog-tor for a checkup. I sat right on the chair and I don't go crazy there.
She checked me over and all is good. I gots a clean bill of health. Yay!!
On the way home we stopped at the fabric store. I am very good in the store just checking things out. 
Mom called ahead and guess what she found......Cookie fabric!!!
And she couldn't turn this down. I think I will be wearing lots of scarfs.
She also found this turkey for me to wear yesterday. This is new to me but I'm getting used to it.
And...... mom wants me to ask...has everyone made contact with their partner for the Christmas exchange?  PLEASE..,tell us Yes that you have. If you haven't, please do it quickly. Ok?

My mom has been busy working at Michaels. They have a 50% off one item on Saturday. Friday was a 40% off entire purchase and it was pretty busy if you need anything get out to Michaels.


  1. Looks like your momma picked some good fabric!

  2. Cute fabric! I see holiday bandanners in yer future!

  3. My Mum has gone green with jellyness at the fabric shop!
    Great to hear you got an A+ from Mrs Vet, well done Oreo!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Oreo that is super-duper news that you are a healthy pup. Oh but believe me, scarves are only the beginning…
    Toodle pip!
    PS Have you met Addi yet? She is GORGEOUS!

  5. OMD, the Oreo fabric is just perfect! What a fun shopping trip for you, Oreo!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Excellent fabric indeed! You look mighty fine in your new scarf.

    We're so happy to hear you got a clean bill of health. That's pawsome that you were soooo good!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. we contacted shilo and shasta and our box is going out first thing Monday morning. That cookie material would make a great bed cover too

  8. How great that you got such good news from the vet! And this fabric is just fabulous... think I would eat it, it looks totally tasty!
    Easy Rider

  9. Looks like you are getting right into the swing of things Oreo! We have been contacted by both doggies and made contact with ONE of the doggies. For the other one we have left 3 comments, 1 email and 1 FB message with no contact. We are not sure what is happening but Edward if you see this give us a holler!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Looks like one very happy pup there. Oreo looks like your fitting in pawfectly. So pleased to see you being taken out and about. Your predecessor would be very proud of you.
    Parcel partner sorted thanks Diana XXX

  11. If I had to fight the crowds, I'd be needing a new brain.

  12. We have made contact in both ways with all our exchange partners. Now we are planning what to send to ours. That cookie fabric is perfect for you.We can't wait to see what your mom makes for you with it.

  13. OMD, that fabric is FABulous!! And YEA on the check up! Ma said you could teach me a thingie or two abouts how to behave at the vetties...whatevers.
    Hey, i tried to email and left comments for Lily, butts nothin' yet. I thinks I'm just gonna take a chance and send her what I thinks she would like. Butts, if you hear from her, tell her to send me an email or comment
    Ruby ♥

  14. Yay Oreo!! Great news but then we knew you were purrfect. I love love love your scarves too sweet you found oreo fabric.
    We have already mailed our gift and have been contacted a OK here!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  15. Oh, Oreo. Mom just smiles and smiles when she sees your cutie face. And that new fabric is awesome! We've made contact and I did my shopping and packaging. Hopefully mom will get to the post office tomorrow!

  16. HIGH FIVE PAWS on the clean bill of health...and as for that red scarf you're are totally nailing that look!
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Wow great job at the fabric store, bet you are better than our 3 year old! Love Michaels, it must be exciting to work there during the holidays. We wanted to ask you if you could let us know how to get in touch with Daisy? We tried to comment a few times for the past two weeks and maybe my comments were not getting through? I couldn't find a way to email them so asked her to email and I think our comment today did go through (hopefully) so I'm hoping we hear back because we want to get their gift out!

  18. What fantastic fabric! Yes we have gotten in contact!