Friday, May 23, 2014

About Bertie being whisked off on Date night.

Bertie and Addi are made for each other. They LOVE the great outdoors, long walks and they both dont like clothes-they prefer the furs. Addi loves to hear his science talk and she isnt a foo foo girly girl.
You would know that by their favorite mode of transportation: The BIG ole green Tank. They both love it and have had many experiences in the BIG ole green Tank.
Addi is all about Bertie doing his thing in the Old green Tank, afterall..... she says that he is the smartest guy ever!! They do have just way too......much fun in the BIG ole green Tank,
Bertie fires that baby up..
 and well y'all remember the pumpkin patch dont ya?
 Really?? When they go sledding....a BIG ole green tank sled???
Addi is pretty snug and doesnt get all mushy gushy and when she heard that Finley, Charlie and Whitley
whisked Bertie off on date night she was fine. She knows that her and Bertie are Soul Dogs!!! It did make her Happy though that Bertie informed Finley that his heart belonged to Addi.

On Finley's blog this is what she wrote and I was just cracking up when I read it.

(Bertie informed me his heart belongs to Addi. Have you pups gotta a look at Addi? She looks like dat pit bull that chomped on da back of my neck while I wuz in my own front yard.... it wouldn't let go, and Daddy had to drop kick it offa me or I'd be toast. I wuz a'screamin' and Daddy knew it wuz tryin' to kill me, so he dropped kicked dat pit bull like he wuz scorin' da winnin' field goal! I digresses, but ya gets my drift of why I is skeered of a pup like Addi. While I do think Bertie is a real cutiepie, dere are a lot of fishes in da sea, and most of dem don't come with a great white shark attached!! If he prefers a gal whose breed is known fur bein' a gassy lassie, eatin' udder animals, and excessive droolin' instead of a cute lil scottish lassie from da highlands who he could go on varmint killin' expeditions with (notice I said varmints, not kitties or pups), well, there's no accountin' fur taste or da lack dereof....)

It is sooo true!! LOOK at that big mouth. When we play, no doubt that she could fit me right in that mouth.
Drool....she can....slobber yep that too....alls over the kitchen floor!!
Gassy!! Yep, she can clear a room in like 87 mili-seconds. While I love to catch the varmits and bring them in, Addi wouldnt know what to do with it, she would probably jump and run for the hills!! bol
She is such a scaredy dog!!
But what really cracked me up SOo.....much was the Great White Shark name. Her color and huge size fits her perfectly. I have always called her Dog-zilla but now wondering if I should change that to the Great White Shark?? What do you all think??
While I do love Addi, I do like to give her a hard time and believe me she does the same to me!
So.....Dog-zilla or Great White Shark??
Bertie: You got your paws full with Addi. BOL


  1. Or maybe "The Great White Barker" :) :) :)

  2. Oh, now I think Addi is just adorable even if she can clear a room in 87 seconds!


  3. Love is strange we just need to enjoy the ride!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - We have a POTP update for our furiend Abby who crossed the bridge.

  4. We loved that Great White Shark comment, too. Cracked us up. But we're so glad that Bertie isn't fickle.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  5. OH Doggie, that Finley sure opened a can of worms, all that trash talking about Addi. Barharhar, clear a room in 87 seconds. Hummmmmmm, Great White Shark?

    The Mad Scots

  6. I just don't know about tanks being romantic.

  7. Wells, I thinks I like Dogzilla myself, probably cause I've been hearin' it for so long that it's already imprinted on my margarita soaked brain....
    Nows, sometimes I can clear a room just as fast as Addi!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  8. BOL a match mad in heaven.

    Aroo to you,

  9. Crikey ..... I nearly choked to death on a chicken neck when Mum read me that post of Finley's, aye?? Too funny. Addi doesn't look like a great white shark to me. They're REAL mean critters. She looks adoreable and I can sure see what Bertie sees in her. The gas thing worries me a bit though!! To answer your question ...... I'd be sticking with Godzilla. However, I don't think the great white shark thing is going to go away in a hurry!!
    Oh and Addi ......... the date WAS plutonical!!!!!!!!! I know ..... I was there! Hey Jazzi ..... maybe next year we could all go off on a date with Bertie and Addi in the big green tank!! Sounds fun to me ...

  10. Wouldn't know whut to do with a varmint? Hmmm... maybe I's gotta re-evaluate her fearsomeness.... I's got multiple rat kills to MY credit.

    And like Charlie sez, it were plutotonical.... I prefers to be foot-loose and fancy-free... da single life's fur me!

    Dem bully types are da only dawgs I bark, though-- once bitten, twice shy, I guesses....I's just grateful dat Daddy usta play soccer so's he could drop-kick dat dogkiller offa me!!

    Oh, and I prefers Dogzilla, Da Great White Land Shark!

    But Charlie, I thought ya told Whitley we would all go on a date next year?? Guess we has been ditched...

    1. You're not ditched Finley ..... I'm just trying to placate the big white shark, Dogzilla for you. Our date's still on for next year. I hope Bertie comes though and maybe brings his big green tank with him. Although after reading his remark about you and Whitley parading around in cute little pink frocks and you not being the girl for him I just want to punch him on his cute little schnos.. Fancy talking about my two mates like that. Who's he think he is anyway? You and Whit look great in those cute little pink numbers. Who calls 'em FROCKS for goodness sake????

    2. Kinda hurtful cuz I hasta wear da clothes alla time cuz of my allergeez... sniff, sniff.... He sure ain't no gentleman, is he? Think I'll stink to Southern gentlemen or you Aussie blokes... real men who know how to treat a lady and don't need tanks to get the job done!

    3. Crikey Finley .... he's a Brit .... they like to give us Aussies a hard time just cause we are convicts or something. They're all a bit weird. Terribly upper crust and all that garbage!! I don't think he knew about the allergeez thing though so I spose we should give him the benefit of the doubt there, aye??

    4. Yeah, and dey still gots their noses all bent outta shape cuz us Americans won our freedom from dat old syphilitic Mad King George of theirs... and then they had to gets our help-- twice-- so dey didn't all wind up goose-stepping and speakin' da Deutsche! Sigh.. good deeds nevfur goes unpunished, I guesses...

    5. And ack-chew-ally, he wrote on my previous post about my allergeez and clothes wearin' dat his owner usta have a Westie dat had allergee problems... so it were kinda puzzlin' why he would say that to me.

  11. BOL BOL! I like Dogzilla da Great White Shark - besta both worlds!

  12. Oh yes, I Addi is the one for me, for sure. All those lovely photos today - I am in heaven. Between you and me, I think it should have been obvious from the start that Finley, a girl who clearly loves to parade around in pink frocks, was not the lass for me.
    Ah, Addi. Sigh.
    Toodle pip!

    1. Fur as I'm concerned, she can have ya... any guy who'd diss a gal fur wearin' clothes when she hasta cuz of her allergeez is no gentleman and not fur me! Toodle yer own pip!

    2. You tell him Fin .... crikey you've got a way with words!! Toodle yer own pip? Fair dinkum!!
      Way too funny .....

  13. Well ...... excuse me, Bertie, for not picking up on that one but ... crikey ..... you sure seemed to be enjoying yourself on the night and you didn't seem to mind the FROCK thingy then. S'pose if you bought Addi along you'd have blown up Ayers Rock!!

    1. Yeah, think you better rethink him bringing dat tank down under with him, Charlie!

  14. BOLBOLBOL...We are loving the comments as much as the post!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Mom says 'every pot has its lid' we're not sure who the pot and who the lid is in this relationship butt we do know that they fit!
    Wally & Sammy

  16. This is just TOO FUNNY! Y'all had a grrreat time!

    ArOOO, Stuart