Friday, November 12, 2010

Additions and Corrections to the Christmas list~~

There are a few more dogs that want to join in on the Christmas exchange and some changes have been made. Clicking on your partners name will take you to their blog. PLEASE leave a comment on your partners blog and e-mail for snail mail address.I hope that everyone has made contact by now and if you havent contacted yet do right now!!! HA! Have any of you been shopping yet?? Remember mailout date is Dec 6th. You may mail out earlier if you want. Once you get your package blog it so we can all see what you got for Christmas.
Here are the additions/corrections to the list.
Shasta has Becky
Becky has Wyatt
Buttons has Hailey
Minna's sister has Buttons

DeBoys has Hounddog Mom
Hounddog Mom has Sammie and Avalon
Sammie and Avalon has DeBoys

Here is the run down of the whole list:
Scotsmad has Bella and Ollie
Bella and Ollie has Scotsmad
Amazing Animal Lovers has Fiesty Three
Rocky Creek Scotties has Dog Daze
Mango and Pee Wee has Bookerman and Asa
Agnes B Bullock has Amazing Animal Lovers
Bookerman and Asa has Rocky Creek Scotties
Dog Daze has Mango and PeeWee
Fiesty Three has Agnes B Bullock
DeBoys has Hounddog Mom
Hounddog Mom has Sammie and Avalon
Sammie and Avalon has DeBoys

Singles~~There are 2 Maggies. You can click on the name on the left to see which is which.
Benny has Carmen
Lily has Ruby
Mayzie has Jack
Chewy has Shiloh
Mitch has Lily
Wyatt has Shasta
Stanzie has Mayzie
Madi the "Diva"cat has Remington
Mollie Jo has Maggie
Remington has Brutus
Bocci has Chewy
George the Lad has Martha
Shiloh has Penny
Shasta has Becky
Stuart has Mack
Martha has Clive
Bailey has George the Lad
Minnie has Gracie
Becky has Wyatt
Buttons has Hailey
Mack has Bobo
Hailey has Minna
Lala has Minnie
Mistaya has Maggie
Brutus has Stanzie
Carmen has Lala
Ruby has Benny
Penny has Minna's sister
Twix has Mollie Jo
Jazzi has Edgar
Minna has Twix
Minna's sister has Buttons
Clive has Bailey
Eddie(6 mo kitty) has Stuart
Gracie has Jazzi
G-dog has Moon
Moon has G-dog
Baby Rocket Dog has Lil
Hootie has Angus
Angus has Baby Rocket Dog
Lil has Hootie
The mailout date is December 6th. So go ahead, have lots of Fun and Shop till you drop


  1. ARRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOO and TY Jazzi girl..........and a very special first Christmas for Becky it will be!!!!

  2. Jazzi give mom a hug she is working very hard for us and we appreciate it.
    Happy Saturday,
    Hugs Madi

  3. You sure are an organized Scottie Jazzy! It's a lot of work to keep up with all this gift-y stuff. Thank you for doing that. And I got your nice note about my Eddie the kitty and Mack, my gift buddy. I'm just feeling the Santa love for TWO animules.

    AARROoooooo! Stuart

  4. What a big job you did - wowzers! Thank you so much for including us - we're going over to say hi to Daboyz right now!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  5. Thank you for doing such a grrreat job Jazzi!! Btw, if you have any other doggies that want to join, our grandma's dog Moon would like to pawticipate. Let us know, if you get any stagglers!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  6. Is it too late for me to join you guys???


  7. We are confused. We don't see our names on the list but got email about who are exchangey was. Can you please confirm who Bobo and Meja have? Thanks.

    Bobo and Meja