Friday, July 30, 2010

My Special treatment~~

It is true. My Mom went back to Texas AGAIN!!! I am kinda skeptical bout this trip but she had a good excuse for going. Apparently this little guy Tyler is having a 3rd b-day and Jessica wanted her mom to help out. Mom had helped her plan it when she was there in May. So I cant really object cuz Tyler doesn't get to see his Grandma that much and she said she wont get sick this time.I was getting shabby behind the ears, so I told Mom that I wanted a haircut and with all the works, after all, I am being left at home. So we headed to my clinic. They have the nicest groomer in the whole wide world. Her name is Beth.
First of all, I didn't get put in the kennels like the other dogs. I got to go a room with comfy couches until it was my turn. Who knew this existed?? Before Beth started, she gave me a massage, ewww...that was cool and then she gave me the royal shampoo with special stuff to make my coat nice and manageable. When Beth cut my hair, she just sat me on the table, no rope thing that makes me feel like I am being hung!!! BOL Any of you guys get hung??? Beth did a great job as usual and for the drying, I got to lay on a big comfy pillow will the blowers were on. It was great. So here I am afterwards. I feel so much better!!It has been pretty HOT here too, so I told Mom that I was kinda uhhh warm!! Yah Mom, closer~~~Good, but not the right spot, just a tad bit closer~~ Oh OK, Perfect~~~ AWwwww, now this is the life!!!!Some more news, Kim is going to Texas too!! That means I am left here with my Dad and Tom, Awwwwwww....this is so.......scary cuz they don't put up with junk, which means NO tacos, NO food of any kind!! I have to mind my P's and Q's!!!
Not a big fan of that, but what can I do. I hope Mom gets home soon!!!


  1. I totally need to get Mom to take me there to get my hair cut. I haaaate going to the groomer! I put up a fight each time, too. That way Mom knows how much I dislike the baths there.

  2. Back away from the taco and no one gets hurt!!

    We're glad your Mom feels well enough to go to Texas. Hope she has fun and comes back as scheduled.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  3. I have never been to the doggy spa - unless you count the hose in the back yard :)

  4. Doesn't that woman listen to you? That Texas place sounds dangerous. At least she'll have Kim to watch her back.

    Sounds like no tacos for the duration, though.

    Doggy spa--massage sounds good.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Woof! Woof! Hope your mom comes back soon. What in Texas anyway ??? Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Oh Jazzi...Kim better go to keep an eye on know her....
    Benny & Lily
    LOVE the header!!

  7. Jazzi,
    You look grreat with your recent grooming! Sorry about the "no tacos", though. But hopefully that will only be for a little while...
    Your buddy,

  8. We SO hope your mom's trip is with a little less excitement than the last time!


  9. Hi, Jazzi!
    I am sure Tyler is going to have a pawesome birthday celebration!
    Sure you had a special treatment at the spa!
    Hmmm... sounds like you are going to be on a strict diet!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Your new haircut looks beautiful, Jazzi! We don't go to the groomers - mom grooms us but Mitch gets hung anyway! haha - not me though!
    Happy birthday, Tyler!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Jazzi, I don't wonder you felt the need to smarten up. I think you have a little Texan rival in the cuteness stakes!
    But NO FOOD!
    Surely not?
    Toodle pip!

  12. You look great sister!!! Nice to see that your mom is slowing down a little, wait.... :)