Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It snowed A-G-A-I-N~~~

Hi from Snowy and sunny Illinois~~where it has snowed again~~Mom had to go out and snowblow so the munckins and I went out with her to play in the snow. Little Miss Molly was on her walk and came by. She is the snobby Westie 2 doors down. She looks really nice and cute though huh??Well....she likes to toy with me and comes just so close and I think we can play, I get all excited ....and then she turns and runs off!! So....she leaves me no choice but to run after her and see if we can play!!
Hey Molly~~Wanna play???
She turns her head and totally ignores me.... huff!!So...I do a little chase, chase and she holds her paw up like Pleazzze!!!!
Neighbors sometimes!!! GeezzzzzWhile Mom was out snowblowin..she had us all make our snow angels:
First Kyla: Then Kaleb:And TADA!!! Maw~~ Pretty cool huh?? I wasnt a big fan of lying in the snow on my back but......Mom has a way of making me do it~~like holding me down!!! She gets like that sometimes!! Moms!!Mom is getting a bit tired of all this snow but for me, I wuv it!! I like to get my little snout right down in the snow and do some serious sniffin....and the snow gets stuff in my fur, hey my very own fur balls!! I dont worry much cuz it all melts fast once I get inside~~It sure beats getting chased by the green monster!!


  1. Kyla and Kalab made the very bestest Snow angles.. And that was even before they got down in the snow. Cute cherry cheeks.
    Your snow angel was really good too. I wouldn't want to do that, BUTT... I just heard that I might get dumped on Fri. and Sat.. I don't understand how you can love it sooo much.
    Did you remind the "K" Kids NOT to eat the yellow snow????

  2. Those are great pictures!! The snow angels are perfect!!

  3. Yep, it's falling again here too. Tell your mom to stop putting ideas in my mom's head though, OK? She's wanting me to go out and make a snow angel now. Good thing I'm strong, it'll never happen. Never. You made a nice one, though!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  4. Awwww....I am so jealous! Send that snow down here please!!

    Wonderful pics!!

    Licks and Tail Wags-

    Olive :)

  5. Those are the cutest little snow angels I have ever seen!!


  6. Are you sure she's a Westie? She looks an awful lot like me...more Wheaten that White. And her ears look longer like mine. Can't tell about her snooter, she's got so much fur around her face. Whatever she is, I'm with you, she must be kinda rude not to wanna play. I wonder if it's cuz she's on a leash? A lot of my friends act standoffish on leash, but at the doggie park, they are fun n free n friendly.

    I love the snow angles. Especially yours! Are you running free without a leash? I am sooo jelly! I can't even peek outside without a leash. It's got something to do with me bolting down the street laffin all the way!


  7. Oh my snowing again? Where is your scottie coat? Stay warm. We love your header picture
    Benny & Lily

  8. I love the snow angels, please send some snow down under, it looks like so much fun !
    Love, Bella.

  9. Great pictures Jazzi. I am so glad you have the snow and not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big kiss kiss for you Jazzi, Bambi and & Fern

  10. Oh no, I am on a leash, I cant go out without it cuz...well....I like to think the whole neighborhood is my yard and Mom ISNT a fan of chasing me all over the place. Trust me, I have gotten loose and have gotten in BIG trouble!! Not the best thing to do!!!

    Jazzi the snow angel :-)

  11. I had 3" or so this am but the snow thief rekhlaimed it by the afternoon

    BUT I think he's bringing it bakhk fur the weekend!

    Furry nice pikhs! Sorry Molly isn't a play-a!


  12. Whaat? You haven't eliminated the green monster yet? OMD I'd like the demo instructions when you're done please. As for your that she's playing hard to get. ;)

  13. Well little Miss Molly doesn't know what she is missing out on..FUN with Jazzi...SIGH.

    Looks like you and the munchkins had a blast in the snow!! It'll be gone before you know enjoy the snow sniffin..

    Paws Up!

  14. Oh, the green monster got put up. Mom saw that I was dismantaling it by attacking the antenna, I figured that was the source of telling it what to do. Without that antenna, it is harmless~~ See...I know what I am She said she didnt want it broken so it is put up till summer time so they can play with it outside!! Works for me!!


  15. Hi, Jazzi!
    There is a doggie that does the same to me when I see him on my walkies... and he even pees in front of me and walks away! Hmmm...
    I love the snow angels!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. And a good time was had by all!

    Cutest little kids around, too!


  17. I'll have to have a word with that Miss Molly. Giving us Westies a reputation for being snobby indeed!
    Cheers, H.

  18. One can never have too much snow. At least, that is our opinion.

  19. Those snow angels are AWESOME!! I think we are supposed to get some more snow Monday or Tuesday too!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  20. We enjoyed your snow adventures, Jazzi! And the snow angels look very nice! You have nice snow in Illinois! We think Miss Molly needs a coat!! Brrrr!!!

  21. Loved the pics and story of you and your "friend" molly. So cute.

  22. Jazzi as far as we are concerned Molly is missing out by not being your BFF!!! You are one hip and swinging puppy!!
    Please keep your snow we don't want any more.
    Tomorrow we might have sleet/freezing rain or maybe it will even rain insects too. Good Grief.
    Madi and Mom

  23. Jazzi, at first I thought your mom dyed your coat white! LOL! Then I started reading and realized it was Miss Molly. Figures she's a tease. I agree with Madi and Mom. It's her loss if she doesn't want to play with you. You should act like it's no big deal, cause it isn't!! She'll come around sooner or later. You're a handsome boy, and if she doesn't realize it, well, talk to the paw!!! Love your snow balls! But it does melt fast! We are getting snow tomorrow too. Much Love. Woof!

  24. yea me too jazzie I love putting my snout in the snow... i love playing in it and oing zoomies do you do zoomies?

    Wags and licks

  25. Jazzi, I meant CUTE GIRL...shoot I hate when I do that. And you've got pink all around your blog as I am typing. Please except my apologies. Everyone always assumes I am a boy too. (I think because I am mostly dark and black) Please, please except my apologies. I knew that you are a girlie-girl too. My mom has been going through a it won't happen again, promise.