Saturday, May 2, 2020

I have some sad news to share

Hi. Oreo here. We've been hunkering down at our house. Can't say that I'm disappointed that Mom can't work and is home with me all day now.
I do have some sad need to share with you.
Here is Addie on her first day at our house back in 2010. She's now 10 yrs old.
I don't get to see her as much anymore since little Myles was born and with all this stuffs going on.
Well... Addie has had a bad week this week. Mid week she was having problems and her dad took her to the doc. He found 4 masses of cancer and she may have stones in her bladder. They were waiting on some test results.
This morning her dad took her on a walk around the lake. She loves her walks. After the walk she was playing and somehow hurt her leg and she started yelping. They took her back to the doc again and she had 3 breaks in her fermur.
She was in so much pain and recovery wasn't a surety.  So they had to make the hardest decision that they hated to make. Now Addie is having tacos with Jazzi.
Addi and Jazzi always had a great relationship. She missed Jazzi so much after she passed. I'm sure there was a nice reunion with  a chase together and a tug-o-war going on

Addie with little Myles.
Well just leave you with this sweet face. 
Run free sweet Addie.
Until we meet again.


  1. Oh this is such sad news. My darling gorgeous Addi. So many happy and fun memories! My dear and beautiful sweetheart, I am relieved, at least that your kind and loving humans made sure you did not suffer long. Gail and I send our condolences to Tom and his family. The picture of Addie with dear little Myles is so precious.
    Kindest wishes,

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  2. Hari OM
    OMD, Oreo - so long to hear from you, and for it to be this very sad news... I am sending lots of ether Love and hug to ALL your furmily - for Addi had impact on your lives (and ours!) and will be sorely missed. That she and Jazzi will be able to team up again, is something to lift the hearts a bit. Please, please, please take care, efurrybuddy, as we traverse these trying times. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. How sad. We remember the Jazzi and Addi days so well. Hugs to you and your family, Diana♥ Godspeed Jazzi♥

  4. We are so sad to read this news. Miss Addi was so loved and will be miss by all who loved her. We have our paws crossed for all her family.

  5. It's so dang hard to lose all our furry friends that we've come to love over the years. Rest in heavenly peace sweet Addi. We know that Jazzi was excited to see you again.


  6. That is so sad!! But they've done the right thing. We remember when Addi first came and Jazzi had to teach her all the things about being thrown in the pool, and leaves. And she and Bertie turning up the Blogville events in a tank.... So many memories. Run free, Addi.

  7. We are so sad. Jazzi and Addi were 2 of our first friends. Run free. Until we all meet at the bridge again.

  8. We are so very sad to hear about Addie...
    Run free sweet girl!

  9. Oh noes. OMD, that is so very sad. I love Addi, and she was a good pal to all of Blogville. She will be deeply missed. Tells her family we are thinkin' of them, and sendin' lots of {{{hugs}}} and loves. AireZens to you guys, and knows we are thinking of you guys too. ♥
    Ruby ♥

  10. We send gentle wooooos,

    Nuk & family

  11. Just like Kyla, the ones who knew Jazzi get fewer and fewer.

  12. Oh no...this is such heartbreaking news to hear today. Addie and Jazzi were our blogging friends since Amber started her blog back in 2011. I remember so many Taco Days that we all enjoyed so much. I know that Amber and Jazzi were probably both waiting at the gate to the Bridge for Addie and the first thing they probably did was enjoy a great big taco. Hugs...♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. Sweet Dreams Addie.

    You will be missed.

    Hope you and Cinnamon can have a taco together too!

    xo Astro and Mitzie

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  16. We send gentle woooos mates,


  17. Oh no!!! My heart goes out to all of you. Stuart and so many friends are showing her the ropes. So very sorry.

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  19. Oh Addie, we remember. Enjoy those tacos xoxo

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