Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Another guy in the family

Cousin Piper also has a new guy at her house. No baby... But it's a rabbit ahhhh
This grand peep Bailey got the rabbit. His name is Felix and he's 5 yrs old. He's all potty trained and he can run around the house.
At first Piper didn't know what to think about Felix. They get along now.
Felix only likes to play on the rugs. He hates wood floors and he hates the outdoors.
 Since Felix doesn't like hardwood floors they had to put blankets down. Now they have a rug runner for the hallway.
This is Felix's cage. Felix goes potty in He the blue bin. He can go in and out as he wants except when they are gone. He does like to chew chords. 
Bailey likes to play with Felix and she sits and reads to him. Mom days he listens but I'm not sure. Unfortunately I've not met this Felix. Something about the fact that I would chase him around and scare the bezeebies out of him bol


  1. Felix is a cutie (as is his human Bailey). You should tell cousin Piper that we find rabbit poops that we find in our yard to be tasty snacks.

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  2. oooh how cute, like captain speedy ;O)

  3. Hari Om
    Rabbits are great fun... best you don't meet though, Oreo - rabbits are also good at self defense and those hind feet can pack quite the punch!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Yeah Oreo, we think we'd chase Felix, too. But we're glad he has a lovely home.

  5. I think that I might want to chase Felix too, Oreo. He sure is cute!

  6. What adorable new furry family members. I use to work with a guy with litter box trained bunnies.
    Hugs sweet friend Oreo I've missed you and Mom

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