Friday, November 2, 2018

The Christmas gift exchange

Are you all ready for some Christmas gifts??
I know that I am. Here's the scoop. You can join as a group or single.
A group is about 15.00-20.00. I will try to match groups pretty even.
A single is 10.00.
We want you to make sure that you can positively follow through before joining. In years past we have had some dogs not get their gifts but the last 2 years have been perfect.

In your email I will need to know if you're group or single.
Your blog address
Your email address
The names of your animals.

Send to me at
The deadline is Nov 15th and the list will be posted on my blog on Nov 17th. Once the list is out we can't add to it. So please get in before the deadline.   
Once the list is out you will be responsible for getting in contact with your partner and exchange gift ideas.

Also if anyone is willing to mail outside of the US please let me know. This is always a fun time to shop and receive Christmas gifts.

We are looking forward to another successful and fun Christmas.


  1. We just sent our email and can't wait to start shopping.

  2. how many dogs/cats are in the other groups? We are trying to decide if we are going to do a group, or just individual...