Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The age old question

As I look out from my spot.....
I see those crazy squirrels. You know they dart here and there and back and forth on the street, the trees and how do they even walk  on that skinny wire and stand on little posts?
You all have seen them right?
I just can't figure out why they move so much. I wanna ask them.... The age old question..... Hey squirrel....WHY......
Can't you just pick a direction!!


  1. I KNOWS! I thinks it's all the nuts infiltrating their teeny tiny little brains! And can we talk abouts their table manners???!!! They leave all kinds of half eaten foods all around my yardie! WTD??
    Ruby ♥

  2. they make us nervous... we think they are a little related with monkeys... even when mr. darwin says no ;O)

  3. They drive me NUTS! We have a shag bark hickory tree near our driveway and it's dropping nuts everywhere! Those nutty squirrels run up and down the tree all day long making the most horrible mess!

  4. No squirrels here. It's probably because there aren't trees but thorny cactus.

  5. Do you know Rosy has never, ever seen or chased a squirrel?
    Rosy, Jakey and Arty

  6. You bring up a question that has been on our mines forever. Especially the wire walking. They have some incredible balance, but why not play it safe and take the ground level to the next tree. Thanks for the share. Guess we may never know.
    World of Animals